Friday Funny 335: 1B


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome back everyone for another episode of Friday Funny! I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. Can you believe that we are already passed the first half of September? Before we being, I am in a Marvel mood and I want to share some brief news. Besides the upcoming games Guardians of the Galaxy and Midnight Suns, Insomniac Games will be working on two new Marvel games for PS5. We’re getting a Spider-Man 2 and Wolverine game. According to sources, Wolverine will focus on a dark and serious tone compared to Spider-Man. Spider-Man 2 predicts the appearance of Kraven the Hunter and we will be getting Venom who will be voiced by Tony Todd from the 2021 movie Candyman. Spider-Man 2 will be released for PS5 on 2023. It may sound like a long time, but this could be viewed as a good thing because not many people have a PS5 and this will give people time to save up and find one. If you need something to keep you subscribed to Disney Plus, get ready for another Marvel TV series. Coming in the holidays, we have the upcoming show called Hawkeye. Taking place after the events of Endgame, Hawkeye will be the main focus as he must fight off the mafia and team up with the young hero Kate Bishop. There is a rumor going around saying that Kingpin will make an appearance on the show.


Let’s start this Friday on the right foot!

Cheers to the lucky number 1 billion:

See you next Friday!

Marvel Game News: Wolverine and Spider-Man 2

Hello Marvel fans! I know some of you already knows the news of some Marvel video games, but I am here to give you a quick recap. To those who barely finding out or want to talk about it, feel free to chat.

Wolverine and Spider-Man 2

Revealed last week during Sony’s State of Play, Sony released two big news from Insomniac Games. Looks like we might have to wait for 2023 to have these titles, but this will give people time to get a PS5. Insomniac Games announced two new Marvel games. Focusing on a different hero, Insomniac announced of a Wolverine video game. This Wolverine game will be released exclusively for PS5 and it will focus on this clawed mutant in a dark story. So far, there is no gameplay or release date. The next big news is the announcement for the sequel to Marvel’s Spider-Man game. Revealed in the trailer, Spider-Man 2 will feature the spider heroes, Peter Parker with an upgraded Advanced Suit with the new and young Miles Morales. Based on the naration of the trailer, fans are predicting that Kraven the Hunter will be in this game. The trailer also revealed that the symbiotic character Venom will be part of the game and Venom will be voiced by Candyman Tony Todd. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will be released in 2023.

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August 2021 Funko Pop Haul

Hello everyone and welcome for another Funko Pop Haul post. We made it to September and you have no idea how much I got from August’s purchase. With Summer ending pretty soon, you got to take advantage of the summer sales. Brace yourself because I got a lot this month.

115-6. Magneto (Walmart Exclusive) + MIckey Mouse with Popsicle (Hot Topic Exclusive)

I got two exclusives today and they are Disney and Marvel. Technically speaking, they are all Disney since Disney was able to purchase Fox in a inquisition and that means Disney owns a portion of 20th Century Fox and that also means Disney has the rights to X-Men. I was surprised that it took us this long for Funko to release some X-Men figures. Despite the movies being popular, there’s not much from figures based on the movies. This Magneto is a younger version from the modern trilogy (First Class, Days of Future Past, etc.). Magneto is a force to be reckoned with in the X-Men world with his magnetic powers. He believes the mutants shall reign over the normal humans. As a Mickey Mouse fanatic, I had to get this Mickey Mouse figure. This is a figure of Mickey holding a posicle. I am not sure if it’s a reference to a cartoon short or Disneyland or even a National Popsicle Day event, but this looks cute. If Mickey gave you a popsicle, would you accept it?

117-8. Kirito and Asuna from Sword Art Online

I don;t usually pre-order Pops, but this is where I felt I needed to get these figures. Unlike the previous I have, these are up to date.  These two have Kirito and Asuna in different poses and Kirito is wielding one sword instead of his iconic dual blades. I also pre-ordered Leafa, but according to Hot Topic, she is getting delayed until October. Did you know Kirito was my first figure I have bought and having him kick started my hobby of collecting Pops. I would later get Asuna from Allison and at that time, we were friends.

119-21. Sonic the Hedgehog (GameStop Exclusive) + Venom and Carnage 

I ordered these three figures online from GameStop. This Sonic figure is based on the classic game Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for Sega Genesis. The box comes with a hard protective case with sonic capturing the pose like the game. It also has the cover behind him. The box display is a taller than an average figure, but it is also more slim. As a sucker for Venom, I went ahead and bought these two figures. Based on the movie Venom: Let There Be Carnage, this is the first time we got Pop versions of this Sony antihero. As of now, these are the characters that is being sold. There is a jumbo version of Carnage exclusively sold at Walmart, but good luck and trying to snag one. In this movie, we have Venom being the protagonist in this Marvel movie and this is the first time we will ever see Carnage be in a live-action movie.

122-3. Spider-Man: Miles Morales (Advanced Tech Suit and Programmable Matter Suit exclusive) + Artist Deadpool (GameStop exclusive)

These are the last one for August. While doing errands with my mom, I went ahead and went shopping at GameStop so I can use my last of my giftcard. I had a $40 giftcard when I bought that PS5 bundle. GameStop was having a buy 3 for $30 deal, I got these three Marvel figures; two of which is Miles Morales and Deadpool. Based on the popular Marvel Spider-Man: Miles Morales, I got two versions of Miles. According to the Wiki, the advanced tech suit resembles the MCU’s version of Peter’s Iron Spider suit and the Anti-Ock Suit whilst retaining the iconic black and red colors; it is also a free suit if players updated the game. The Programmable Suit is unlocked when the player completes the hideout missions. With the suit equipped, Miles can perform new finishers which will allow his suit to unleash four extra robotic legs. This figure is also an exclusive which allows it to glow in the dark. Last but not least, I have this Deadpool figure. Just like the others, this is a Deadpool figure that is part of the 30th Anniversary. As you can tell, Deadpool likes to chill and visualize and express his passion.

I have a total of 123 figures! Notice the numbers 123. 1-2-3?

Friday Funny 334: Labor Pains After Labor Day


Thank God it’s Friday! It’s me, Matthew and just to let you know, I am not dead yet. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I hope everyone had a great weekend. I know I said this before, but this time I mean it, before we begin this meme post, I am going to really, really fast! Reason why is because I haven’t written much due to life. I am pretty burnt out with my job since we are still in summer and I had to work in Labor Day Weekend. Plus, I also have to deal with personal life with my family and my girlfriend. This explains why my site is lacking content. Sorry for not posting much here. I do have some news in the entertainment section. Sonic Colors Ultimate has been released and I hear it’s a huge upgrade to the 2010 version from the Wii. This game is available in all platforms. Marvel just announced that the Sony movie Venom: Let There Be Carnage is moving on up instead of being delayed. The movie was coming out on October 15, but now it’s October 1.


With short news done, let’s make it up with memes:

This is not something funny, but there is something wholesome from Steve in Blue Clues:

See you next time and enjoy your hot weekend!

Demon Slayer season 2 will air around fall/winter season

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba season 2

With Labor Day being over and Summer is still lingering around, it’s time to prepare for the rest of the holidays. If Halloween and Thanksgiving is not your main concern, maybe Demon Slayers will be. If you already seen the first season anime and the movie Mugen Train, all you need to do is plan out your schedule. Announced from Japanese TV Station Fuji TV, the upcoming season 2 anime of Demon Slayer will be airing around from fall and winter season. New episodes will begin every Sunday on October to all the way to December. The new season will take place after the Mugen Train movie and it will focus on the Entertanment District Arc. More details on the season will be on September 25.



Funimation streams Gonzo Anime for limited time on Youtube?

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Tired of watching brand new anime, you just want to go back to the classics? I got some news from Funimation. Announced from Funimation, starting this month, Funimation will be streaming three anime series from GONZO on YouTube for free. The anime that will be streaming on YouTube will be Witchblade, Ragnarok: The Animation and Burst Angel. These three anime will be remastered HD and it will be free from September 2 to November 30.

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Venom sequel movie moves up the release date!

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Carnage is coming… faster than you think! Are you tired of hearing news about movies getting pushed back into next month or a year? I found some interesting news this week in regards to the next Marvel flick. Besides movies like Black Widow and the recent Shang-Chi movie, Sony has some news for the movie Venom: Let There Be Carnage. In a surprising twist, the Venom sequel movie will be pushed up FORWARD instead of being delayed. Venom 2 new theaterical release will be on October 1st instead of October 15th. Venom: Let There Be Carnage will be released on October 1st in theaters. Fans will be able to experience this movie in 3D, IMAX and other formats. It will be PG-13 and directed by Andy Serkis.

Friday Funny 333: Shang-Chi and the Secret Rings


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome everyone for the beginning of September. I hope everyone is doing well and had a good month of August. As we enter September, let’s get ready whatever this month will throw at us. Here is what to expect from this weekend. First of all, it’s Labor Day Weekend. To some people, you have a day off on Monday which means some may not have to work and schools are closed for a day. Today, we have another MCU movie joining the theaters and it’s not Spider-Man. Get ready for action kung-fu movie Shang-Chi and Legend of the Ten Rings. In this movie, we have the actor Simu Liu playing as the main character named Shang-Chi and in this story, Shang-Chi must fight against an organization from his past. On September 7th, after Labor Day Weekend, we have the remastered Sega game Sonic Colors Ultimate. This is a remastered and updated game from 2010 that was released for the Wii. This Ultimate Edition will be released for all platforms with added content like a new Wisp, customizable features and game mechanics like Tails saving Sonic and Metal Sonic races. If you pre-ordered the game for digital, you will have early access and players will be able to customize Sonic’s boost appearance to resemble the Sonic movie.


Let’s get going for some fun!

Check out the trailer:

Here is some Sonic Colors videos:

Here is the classic one for the Wii:

Let’s reach for the stars!

Movie News: Venom sequel movie will be rated PG-13

I got some interesting news for you and it’s not from Marvel’s Daily Bugle. The upcoming Sony Marvel Venom: Let There Be Carnage has finally got a confirmed movie rating for the audience. According to, Venom 2 will be given a PG-13 rating just like the first movie. Reason why this movie is PG-13 is because the film will contain content such as “intense sequences of violence and action, some strong language, disturbing material, and suggestive references”. According to an article by Forbes, despite speculations of a rated R Venom movie, Sony decided to make Venom 2 PG-13 so that it won’t feel restricted for the audience. Despite movies like Deadpool, Logan and Joker being Rated R, but being successful, Sony felt that Venom 2 should play it safe and let viewers such as adults and kids watch this movie. Rated R movies has the risk of limiting their audiences due to content.

Whether you are over the age of 13 or below, you can watch this movie in theaters on October 15 this year.




Friday Funny 332: TGIFF (Fantasy Friday)

Thank God it’s Fantasy Friday! Welcome back everyone for an exciting Friday Funny episode. It’s me, Matthew, and I am here to give you another episode of Friday Funny. It’s an episode in which every Friday I share funny memes. Before we begin this Friday Funny episode, let’s go over some quick news. This is the last weekend of August and next week we enter September. Next weekend is Labor Day weekend so make preparations for a three day weekend. It will also be the unofficial start of fall. As summer comes to an end in the next weeks, enjoy the last of some summer fun. It’s time for kids to go back to school and adults prepare for college. When fall comes, get ready for the big holidays such as Halloween and Thanksgiving. In the Marvel news, next Friday is the official release of MCU next movie called Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. With much anticipation, Sony finally released the trailer for the third Spider-Man movie Spider-Man: No Way Home. This movie will have Tom Holland and the cast returning as their roles in the movie along with Doctor Strange being part of Spider-Man’s adventures. For a teaser trailer, we got a little tease after seeing some iconic Raimi villains such as Green Goblin and Alfred Molina who will reprise as Doctor Octopus. This movie is set to be released in theaters around Christmas time this year. Are you ready for Spider-Man this Christmas? In recent news in my life, I saw the movie Free Guy which starred Ryan Reynolds and this movie was worth watching.


Let’s go and start this party!

Here is the trailer we all wanted to see:

If I had to hear this song from Free Guy, you all need to hear it:

See you next week!