Sword Art Online will be “Political Correct” in the future

To all Sword Art Online fans, get ready for major changes for the story of SAO. From the source of ANN, Sword Art Online creator Reki Kawahara is planning to “correct” the roles of the characters in Sword Art Online. During a interview with Dengeki Online with some other creators, he made a comment that the girls he created in the series should have an active role. In his interview, he says he wants to make Sword Art Online “political correct” by making the girls more than just side characters and making them part of the story. He also agrees that gender neutral words should be more used. For example, instead of saying hero or heroine, he wants thinks protagonist and antagonist is better. Also according ComicBook.com, Kawahara mentioned that will most likely won’t be using women as “trophies” in the story. Meaning, he won’t be using explicit moments like attempted rape or other sexual assaults for the story in the future. So moments like Asuna’s attempted rape in the first season of SAO (second to last episode) and SAO: Alicization episode 10 won’t be acceptable for plot device.  In regards to the protagonist topic, he noticed how yuri manga has both girls as protagonists and helping each other; in a way, he wants the idea of motivation for SAO. He also added that this means it won’t downgrade Kirito.

What do you think about this?

Interivew: Anime News Network

Other source: ComicBook.com


Jump Force adds Naruto characters and reveals more characters in ad

Step aside Mortal Kombat 11 and Dead or Alive 6, a fighting game may be taking over for best fighting game. Jump Force is near upon us and that means anime fans will be able to fight with of their favorite characters from the manga franchise Shonen Jump. According to Crunchyroll, Facebook and Instagram just revealed some characters in a pop up ad in their page of Jump Force. Two new characters are revealed in the ad and their names is Jotaro Kujo and Dai. Jotaro is from the third part of the manga series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures titled Stardust Crusaders. Dai is from the manga series Dragon Quest: The Adventures of Dai. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures is a series created by manga creator Hirohiko Araki and the manga was licensed by Shueshia and Shonen Jump. Dai is from Dragon Quest: The Adventures of Dai manga and it was written by Riku Sanjo and illustrated by Koji Inada. The manga is based on the popular JRPG series Dragon’s Quest.

See the source image

But wait, there is more news! It looks like One Piece and Dragon Ball won’t be the only series with an expanded roster. Naruto characters will be joining Jump Force. Naruto’s son Boruto Uzamaki will be joining with his father in this fight. Also joining the game is the leader of Team 7 Kakashi Hatake. As Naruto’s mentor and the Leaf Village strongest ninja, he will use his Sharingan to take down enemies; don’t interrupt him when he is reading his book. Once an enemy but now a friend of Naruto, the 5th Kazekage Gaara joins the game. He will use his sand jutsu to bury his foes. Last but not least, we have the mother of all chakra and the villain mastermind behind the Akatsuki and manipulating Madara from the beginning is Kaguya Ōstutsuki. Kaguya is the one that first introduced chakra from eating a forbidden fruit and her children later developed chakra and jutsu which plays a key role in the entire Naruto series. With her forbidden powers, Kaguya will show the world despair.

Are you ready for this game? Pre-order this game for PS4, X1 and PC. The game is coming out this February 15th.

ICYMI: Mortal Kombat 11 and Dragon Ball game news!

Mortal Kombat 11

Revealed last year in a teaser trailer, the team behind Mortal Kombat 11 revealed that more game information will be released on January 17th. Now with a trailer, we finally get some awesome and violent news on the game. Mortal Kombat 11 revealed some interesting news such as a new story plot involving with returning and new characters. Based on the trailers, characters such as Raiden, Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Liu Kang, Sonya, Baraka and Skarlet. Speaking of Sonya, professional wrestler Ronda Rousey will be voicing this tough special force agent. Mortal Kombat 11 will also be having a Kollector’s Edition of MK11 in which if players pre-order the game for about $300 from GameStop, players will get a copy of the game, beta access where players can play the game on March 28th a month before the game’s initial release and a statue of Scorpion’s mask. In Kollector’s, premium or standard, players will be able to play as Shao Khan. The game is set to be released on April 23rd this year for PS4, X1, Switch and PC.

Dragon Ball Heroes

If you guys are not satisfy with the Dragon Ball hype from the Broly movie, I have some news for you from Bandai Namco. If you are a Switch owner, get ready to fight with your favorite Dragon Ball character in any version. Coming in April 5th, get ready for Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission. Dragon Ball Heroes is based on the Japanese arcade card game where players uses cards to summon and fight characters from all versions from Dragon Ball. Characters from the classic, Z, Super, GT and even Xenoverse are pitted together in the DBH game series.

Dragon Ball RPG Project?

If you guys really love DBFZ, you might want to mark your calendars for more upcoming news. On Jan 26-27, get ready for more information because it looks like Dragon Ball FighterZ is going to have more content than what you are experiencing today. Besides having more characters join this awesome fighting game, Bandai Namco announced that a project Dragon Ball is in the works. The project is called Dragon Ball Game Project Z: Action RPG. So far, we don’t know what’s the game is about, but this could mean that we will be getting a Dragon Ball game but mostly focused on RPG-action based gameplay.

Friday Funny 196: Level 1 Bugs vs Level 100 Chungus Bugs


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome back to another exciting Friday episode. I hope everyone is enjoying their winter week. Over here, I am getting flooded by the rain and I am trying to stay dry. We made it to the other half of January, can you believe that?! It felt like yesterday was New Years. Anyway, it looks like Marvel finally unveiled the next movie of this year besides Avengers Endgame and Captain Marvel. On July 5th, get ready for Spider-Man: Far From Home. In this movie, taking place after Homecoming, Peter Parker takes a break from being Spider-Man takes a trip to Europe with his friends. However, he is back to wearing the suit when Nick Fury enlists him and asks for help and when a group of elemental villains appear and terrorize the town. Spider-Man also meets Mysterio, a mysterious man who has some kind of magic and fishbowl on his head. Is he friend or foe? Speaking of movies, yesterday was the theatrical release of Dragon Ball Super: Broly. I missed out on seeing this movie so no spoilers! I heard this movie was so good and worth watching. Broly and Gogeta are now canon to the Dragon Ball universe. We are now less than two weeks away from the release of Kingdom Hearts III. Are you ready for more fun?

With all this said, let’s quickly start this Friday Funny.

As we get ready for Kingdom Hearts III, here are some music you should be expecting to visit. Kingdom Hearts III is set to be released on Jan 29th.

See you next Friday!

[January 2019 OWLS Blog Tour] One Piece – Luffy’s Painful Metaphosis Journey


A brand new year means new beginnings and opportunities. We have a tendency to embrace the new year because it’s a time when we can start fresh. For this month’s topic, we will be exploring our favorite dynamic characters who undergo changes for better or for worse. We will analyze these characters’ transformations and how these transformations benefited or minimized these characters’ potential in becoming “great people/beings.” We will also use these characters as a way for us to reflect on our own lives and who we want to become. Lastly, we would like to say “Happy New Year, everyone!”

Check out Aria’s blog here.

*Will contain spoilers for One Piece!

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Real Neat Blog Award by Rocco

I want to thank Rocco from Secluded Observation for nominating me for the Real Neat Blog Award. Let’s get started on this award!

The rules of the award

  • Display the logo
  • Thank the blogger for the award
  • Answer the questions the one who has nominated you
  • Nominate 7-10 bloggers
  • Ask them 7 questions

7 Questions:

  • What helps you remain passionate about blogging?

The reason why I still like blogging is because it helps me share my voice and be expressive. If you met me in person, I am mostly collective and not very good at speaking what’s on my mind. However, whenever I get the chance to voice my opinions and show off my fun side, I want to write and show people that I am here and please listen. I like sharing my interests with others.

  • What is something you know now about blogging that you wished you knew when you began?

I wish I knew a bit earlier when started blogging the importance of writing and how can blogging can be a career. Back then, I treated this just a hobby and not having any goals. I was pretty hesitant on making this like a business.

  • If you could meet your favourite voice actor/actress who would it be?

I would like to meet two voice actors. I would love to meet Erika Harlacher. Erika does the voice for Kurapika in Hunter x Hunter and Violet from Violet Evergarden. I would love to geek out with her and talk about Kingdom Hearts. Another voice actor I would want to meet is Vic Mignogna. Vic is the voice of Broly in Dragon Ball, Edward Elric in Fullmetal Alchemist and Qrow in RWBY. This guy’s voice is legendary.

  • Would you like to get in to the animation/entertainment/videogame industry?. If so, is Shirobako or new game an inspiration for you to do so?. If not, then why did you decide to go in to said industry?

If possible, I would join one and be part of the blogging community. I would love to handle the blogs and keeping up with social media for the anime industry. I want to be able to respond and give fans information.

  • If you weren’t blogging, would you try something like a podcast or youtube?

I would probably do some YouTube on gaming. I probably won’t be livestreaming, but I would love to show off random video game gameplay of myself playing games.

  • If your favourite videogame/anime character came to life, how would you spend your time with them?

I would want Shinichi from the anime Outbreak Company to come to life. We would spend the day watching the anime and having debates on who is the best girl on any series.

  • What two anime/videogame world would you live in?

In video games, I want to go to the Chao Garden in the Sonic Adventure games. I want to go to a special place where chaos live peacefully and I can raise them.

Another world I want to go is Twilight Town from Kingdom Hearts. I want to eat sea-salt ice-cream on top of the clock tower.

As an added bonus, I want to live in the world of Dragon Ball, but I to experience Dragon Ball like the manga Dragon Ball: That Time I Reincarnated as Yamcha. Without spoiling the story, the story is about a student who accidentally dies and gets resurrected as Dragon Ball’s joke character Yamcha. Using his knowledge about Dragon Ball, the student decides to make Yamcha the strongest warrior in the series. If I was in Dragon Ball, I would like to become a character and make them stronger than a Saiyan.

7 Questions and 7 nominees

  1. Aria
  2. ValentinoxSenpai
  3. Arthifis
  4. Ya Boy Jack
  5. Irina
  6. Shaddowcat99
  7. Remy Fool Blog
  • Which character in anime or video games motivate you in life?
  • What is one anime or video game do you think people should try?
  • What’s your pet peeve in a fandom?
  • Which gaming system do you prefer?
  • Do you prefer androids or iPhones?
  • What is the first song do you listen when you feel like listening to music?
  • Do you prefer English Dubbed or Subbed when watching anime?

Choose your starter! Kingdom Hearts III showcases pre-order keyblades

Kingdom Hearts III is getting close and we are less than 2 weeks away from the official release. With the game coming out, get ready to determine where to pre-order the game. Depending where you pre-order, players will be given some exclusive DLC weapons to help players start off the adventure.

If you pre-order any of Kingdom Hearts III for PS4 or Xbox One from Amazon, players will be given the Dawn to Dusk keyblade. The Dawn to Dusk keyblade is a keyblade that increase the fire magic powers and will instantly give players the Firagan situation command.

If you own a PS4 and you plan to pre-order through the Playstation Store, you can get your hands on this blue keyblade called the Midnight Blue. Almost like Dawn to Dusk, this has some powerful magic attacks that is specifically made for blizzard attacks and even triggers the command attack Blizzagan.

Xbox users who pre-orders this game through their store will be given the Phantom Green keyblade. Just like the previous two, this one is focused on thunder based attacks and can perform the Thundagan.

So what you guys think about the keyblades DLC? If you are planing to get this game, which retail are you going to get?



Kingdom Hearts III scheduled updates


With Kingdom Hearts III getting close, we are getting a lot of new updates and news in regards to this game. It has been confirmed yesterday that Kingdom Hearts III will be receiving some free game updates prior to the game’s official release. In a series of tweets, Kingdom Hearts III will have an update on the day of release and another one a day after which involve’s the game’s epilogue and secret ending. On day one, the game will get a Memory Archive’s option in which it is described as a digest of the entire Kingdom Hearts story. In Jan 30th, the game will get an update and will include the game’s epilogue. The epilogue can only be seen if you play the game’s story and watched the ending. Last and final patch is the secret ending and that won’t be in the game until Jan 31st. The Secret Ending is unlocked when you complete game by playing the story in a certain requirement like playing in a high difficult setting. Here is the recap schedule:

Jan 29th: The game is released. Memory Archive is unlocked.

Jan 30th: Epilogue. You have to beat the game and see the game’s regular ending.

Jan 31st: Secret Ending. You have to beat the game, see the regular ending in the high difficult setting.


Friday Funny 195: Saiyan Reborn


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome to this meme-filled Friday. I hope everyone is healthy and not sick from this winter cold. You might be wondering, why am I doing an episode based on the upcoming movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Reason being is because the movie is coming out this Wednesday on January 16th only. As a way to bring hype this movie, I decided to celebrate early and fill this post with Dragon Ball memes. Dragon Ball Super: Broly is a movie that takes after the events of Super and the movie reintroduce the fan favorite antagonist Broly. Akira Toriyama is involved with this movie and that means, Broly is finally canon and part of the Dragon Ball world. Also becoming canon is the fusion warrior Gogeta; Gogeta is a fusion name when Goku and Vegeta perform the fusion dance. In this version of Gogeta, the Saiyan can transform into Super Saiyan Blue just like Vegito. Broly first made an appearance in a non-canon movie called Dragon Ball Z: Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan in which made it’s debut in Japan in 1993 but Funimation dubbed it on 2003. Gogeta made his appearance in the movie Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn and it’s debut was in 1995 and later dubbed in 2006. Overall, these characters started off as non-canon, but thanks to Toriyama being involved with them now, these characters are legit part of the universe. Are you going to see this movie? Are you going to binge watch the three Broly movies before you see this one? Besides this Dragon Ball movie, we got some exciting anime news. The comedic anime KonoSuba is finally getting an English Dub and it will have multiple languages for viewers who uses Crunchyroll. The anime Mob Psycho 100 is back for a season 2 and once again, fans are happy to see this funny series.

Also as a side note, last week on January 4th, it was the anniversary to the Cartoon Network cartoon Ed, Edd’n Eddy. When is this series ever going to get a Blu-Ray release?! I love this cartoon!

ow that I shared some anime news, let’s kick start this weekend together!


Hear are some Broly videos to help you get ready for Humpday/Wednesday!

Here are some movie clips and music from the DBZ movies you might like:

Here is for grins and giggles:

Have an awesome weekend!

FFXV Ardyn anime teaser trailer reveal!


Hello from your favorite Final Fantasy XV fan. I got some exciting news to share with you. Coming in February, Square Enix and Final Fantasy XV are teaming up again to make an anime special focusing on FFXV villain Ardyn. The anime is called Final Fantasy XV Episode Ardyn Prologue. This will be a prologue focusing on Ardyn’s past from years ago before meeting Noctis. The anime will be premiering on February.

The video game DLC Episode Ardyn will be available to be purchased and played on March this year.