anime To-Love Ru gets an English Dub cast

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Whether you know this anime or know it from people from the fanservice contents, most people know about the ecchi, comedy-romance series To Love Ru. To Love Ru is a series created by Kentaro Yabuki who also created the action series Black Cat. It is Shonen Jump title in which got an anime adaptation in 2008 and got two seasons and OVA. Even though it is a Shonen Jump title, fans can own the tankabon manga from Seven Seas Entertainment. This past weekend in Anime NYC, Sentai Filmworks announced that the anime series To Love Ru will be getting English Dub. The cast for the characters is already announced and the dub episodes will begin in March 31st, 2020.

Here is the full cast according to Sentai Filmworks:

Director: David Wald
Script Writer: Holly Segarra
Audio Engineer: Patrick Marrero

Ry McKeand………………Rito
Alexis Tipton……………..Lala
Bryn Apprill……………….Haruna
Scott Gibbs……………….Zastin
Brittney Karbowski………Mikan
Holly Segarra…………….Peke
Greg Cote………………..Saruyama
Marissa Lenti……………..Mikado / Marron
Katelyn Barr………………Yami
Amber Lee Connors……..Yui
Maggie Flecknoe…………Saki
Greg Ayres………………..Ren
Christina Kelly……………Run
Chris Hutchison………….Buwartz
Andrew Love……………..Maur
Jay Hickman………………Honekawa
Olivia Swasey…………….Aya
Chaney Moore……………Rin
Juliet Simmons…………..Mio
Margaret McDonald……..Risa
John Swasey……………..Principal / Ghi Blee
David Wald……………….King Deviluke
Adam Gibbs………………Pikari
Marcy Bannor……………Stella
Mark X Laskowski……….Lacospo / Galaxy King
Christine Auten………….Magical Kyouko
Gabriel Rojos…………….Gwingurd
Gareth West……………..Motemitsu
Heath Morrow……………Rootman
Joe Daniel………………..Ogerman
Kira Vincent-Davis………Ohara
Melissa Molano…………..Oshizu / Mian
Philip Hays……………….Carter

Also With
Aaron Emerson
Allison Sumrall
Antonio Lasanta
Avery Smithhart
Brooklyn Metzier
Courtland Johnson
Hilary Haag
Joanne Bonasso
Julia Traber
Keri Szeklinski
Kiba Walker
Lindsey Sweeney
Matthew Kuna
Mei Le
Michael Duran
Mike Haimoto
Mike Vance
Patricia Duran
Shelley Calene Black
Taylor Fono
Zoe Picciandra


Megalo Box second season announcement

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Anyone remember the boxing anime Megalo Box, or also known as MEGALOBOX? If you like this sci-fi boxing anime and you even liked the English Dub from Toonami, I got some good news for you. During Anime NYC, the anime studio TMS Entertainment (company who previously works on Megalo Box, Lupin the 3rd and Dr. Stone) announced that there is plans of another season of Megalo Box. According to Crunchyroll, this second season takes place seven years after the first season which shows the main character Joe with a beard and looking for someone. There is no specific details but it is in development.

synopsis of the first season:

A desolate land stretches out from the city of poverty. A motorcycle speeds recklessly, blowing clouds of sand and dust. The rider is the protagonist of this story – he has neither a name nor a past. All he has is his ring name, “Junk Dog” and a technique for rigging MEGALOBOX matches with his pal Gansaku Nanbu, which they use to support their hand-to-mouth lives. JD is bored, resigned, and unfulfilled. Yuri has been the reigning champion of MEGALOBOX for the past few years. He has the skills and presence of a true champion. This is a story of JD and his rival, Yuri.

Capcom announces new Street Fighter V game and character!

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Welcome fighters from across the globe! I bring you exciting news for anyone who loves Street Fighter. It was recently announced by Capcom that they have two exciting news. First, the antagonist and fighter from Street Fighter III is coming to Street Fighter V. If you thought he was tough to fight in the past games, get ready to experience his god-like fire and ice powers with new V-Skills.

The biggest news from Street Fighter V is that Capcom announced another new edition for the recent installment. If you haven’t got Street Fighter V yet and you want the latest updates, you can preorder Street Fighter V: Championship Edition. Street Fighter V: Championship Edition is the updated version of SFV with 40 characters, 34 stages and +200 costumes. Championship Edition is coming out on February 20th, 2020. If you already have Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, you can purchase the upgrade kit in which you can download the up to date version of the game for only $24.99. The new DLC character Gill will be in this edition. Street Fighter V is available for PS4 and PC.

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Netflix and Nickelodean team-up? SpongeBob spinoff will focus onSquidward?

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Looks like Disney+ won’t be the only heavy hitter on the online streaming service. It’s been announce on Wednesday that Netflix will be teaming up with Nickelodeon in order to produce original existing projects such as specials and TV shows. This is all started when many signed up to the Disney+ streaming service. According to Netflix vice president of original animation Melissa Cobb, she stated in a press conference that with Nickelodeon already having existing characters from many shows, they want to expand and “reimagine” the stories and characters from their series.

“Nickelodeon has generated scores of characters that kids love, and we look forward to telling wholly original stories that re-imagine and expand on the worlds they inhabit,” said Melissa Cobb.

Already announced, there is already plans of a SpongeBob SquarePants spinoff focusing on SpongeBob’s friends. The character that is planning to get the spotlight is SpongeBob’s neighbor, Squidward Tentacles. With TV specials and movies like Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling and Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus, Netlfix is hoping to do more specials with existing shows. They also want to do one focusing on the cartoon Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninjas. There is also plans of SpongeBob prequel series which will have up to 13 episodes.



Toonami hosts Food Wars Thanksgiving Marathon Weekend

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Howdy food lovers! I bring you some news to help prepare you for Turkey Day. With Thanksgiving coming up real fast, it’s almost to prepare the turkey and all the other foods you will have for the rest of the day and half of December. While Thanksgiving is on Thursday, Toonami will be hosting a special marathon on the Saturday of that week. On November 30th, the Shonen Jump cooking series Food Wars will be playing back to back in a marathon. According to Toonami Faithful, episodes 12-20 will be played. Not only Food Wars will be playing but One-Punch Man and My Hero Academia will still be airing on that day.

Kingdom Hearts news: Kingdom Hearts games join Xbox One and free demo of KH3!

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Rejoice Xbox fans, because you will be able to play all the Kingdom Hearts games on your Xbox. Announced at Microsoft X019 London, an event dedicated to Microsoft projects and Xbox games, all the Kingdom Hearts games are heading towards Xbox One. Kingdom Hearts III is the first Kingdom Hearts game to be on Xbox One, but now fans of the series can experience the epic saga of all nine past games. In 2020, fans can buy Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 HD ReMIX and Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue for Xbox One. Originally, these games were exclusive for PS3 and PS4.

Another exciting news is that if you are debating on getting Kingdom Hearts III for either PS4 or X1, Square Enix is giving fans the chance to play a demo of Kingdom Hearts III. This decision was made by executive producer Ichiro Hazama. This demo will be for PS4 as well and this will help newcomers decide if KHIII is worth it. The demo includes the Toy Box and Mount Olympus World.

Does this make you want to play Kingdom Hearts? In 2020, you will be able to play Kingdom Hearts 1 or 2 on the Xbox. I wonder if we’ll get a Switch version of all Kingdom Hearts games.

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Xbox news

Toshiro and Madara are ready to fight in jump Force

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Better late than never I always say. If you have the anime fighting game Jump Force, you might have known about the announced DLC characters. Today two announced characters are to ready to be downloaded via season pass or individual purchases. Today, Madara Uchiha and Toshiro Hitsugaya are ready to join Jump Force. Madara is the antagonist in the series Naruto (in anime he is from Naruto Shippuden) and Toshiro is from Bleach. These characters are ready to join in PS4, X1 and PC on November 15th.

The last two characters is Law from One Piece and Grimmjow from Bleach and it’s unknown when are they are released.

Friday Funny 329: Make the future great with our past


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome back everyone for another awesome and hilarious Friday! I hope everyone is in good health. If you been needing some memes to uplift your mood, have no fear because Matthew is here. Here we go again with the weekends upon us and some of us are busy as ever preparing for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Before we begin, I got some news to share so you can catch up. Recently, Disney has started the streaming service called Disney+ where fans can sign up to a service and watch old and new Disney content. Fans are enjoying Marvel movies like Avengers: Endgame and some are watching the TV series The Mandalorian. There is more to come for this service such as Marvel shows like Loki and Moon Knight in 2020. In the world of video games, we have the release of Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield for the Nintendo Switch. Enter the Galar Region with new Pokemon and some classic ones with the ability to transform into giants which is called Dynamaxing. If you are going to play this game, don’t start any trouble especially if you are asking for the National Dex. Last but not least, we been getting some promising movie trailers. Paramount Pictures has updated Sonic’s appearance and prepared fans for a promising fun experience in the movie Sonic the Hedgehog. Fans are praising Sonic’s new and improved appearance. Warner Bros are releasing the animated CGI movie called Scoobs!. Scoobs! is an animated movie focusing on the origin on how Scooby-Doo and Shaggy became best friends and how they also met Fred, Daphne and Velma and started their business of solving spooky mysterious. In Nickelodeon, we got to see a trailer of the third SpongeBob movie called SpongeBob SquarePants: Sponge on the Run. In this movie, SpongeBob has to find his missing best friend and pet, Gary. 2020 is going to be an exciting year for movie lovers.

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Here is the recent trailers of this week:


[OWLS Nov 2019 Blog Tour] Bleach – Failed defeats leads to successful triumphs

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11th Monthly Topic: “Failure”

Lita’s Request

One of the best ways we can learn is through failure. This month we will be talking about the failures of our favorite characters in pop culture media and what we can learn from them. We will also reflect on our own mistakes and failures and how those experiences have allowed us to grow as human beings.




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Unboxing: Aquaman Walmart exclusive Funko DVD set

Who would have thought that Aquaman would have an awesome movie good as Wonder Woman? Aquaman was a fun DC movie in 2018 in which tells the story about a man named Arthur Curry who is half-man, half-Atlantean who must step up in order to prevent an upcoming war between Atlantis and the people living in the surface land. Arthur will become not just a hero, but a king. As a Pop collector, I was eager to get this movie set; not only I got three copies of the movie (DVD, Blu-Ray and digital), but I also got the keychain Pop Funko figure. Just like my Alita post, this one is small enough to accessorize. Unfortunately, I wish they would have taken better care of the box set. It has some dents and bends, but at least the figures and discs were fine. This keychain counts as my 36th figure of my set.