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Soul Eater manga volume 1 review

Maka is a weapon meister, determined to turn her partner, a living scythe named Soul Eater, into a powerful death scythe – the ultimate weapon of Death himself! Charged with the task of collecting and devouring the tainted souls of 99 humans and 1 witch, Maka and her fellow meisters strive to master their weapons as they face off against the bizarre and dangerous minions of the underworld. But the meisters’ own personal quirks may prove a bigger obstacle than any sultry enchantress!

Story and art by by Atsushi Ohkubo.

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Remembering the Japan 2011 Earthquake

It’s been 4 years since the earthquake hit Japan and then followed by a tsunami. This tragic incident took many lives, and destroyed homes. Even after these years, many citizens still need help recovering and rebuild buildings.  Music bands AKB48, SKE48, NMB48, and HKT48 are getting involve by having special concerts to raise money. This is a special project called “Dareka no Tame ni”. Let’s never forget this incident.

Tenohira ga Katarukoto” (“what our palms speak to us“) is a special song made by AKB48 to help one other after the March 11, 2011 earthquake-tsunami incident. According to the band, this song helps the needed people and bring smiles to children.


Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku short review

Before we had the 3DS, we had the Game Boy Advance. Back when we had Toonami on the afternoons, Dragon Ball Z was one of America’s popular anime besides Sailor Moon and YuYu Hakusho. I remember playing the first DBZ Game Boy Advance when I was little, the game was called Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku. Unlike the Dragon Ball Z games on the console, Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku played like a Action-Adventure role playing game. The story goes from the Saiyan Saga to the Frieza Saga and you play as Goku himself. Throughout the game, the only attacks you have is your punches, Ki blast, Solar Flare, and the Kamehameha. You face enemies like Raditz, Vegeta, the Ginyu Force, and Frieza.  Like any other role playing game, you need experience points to gain strength. Also, you do get lost while traveling like me, I got lost while walking through the Namek Temple. One of the best moments of the game is where you become a Super Saiyan and fight Frieza for the final boss. The game was fun but it was complicated. After this game we got sequels, Legacy of Goku 2 and Buu’s Fury. Thanks to the video game magazine Tips & Tricks, I used a cheat code play as invincible Goku, I cheated the game XD.

Clannad Soundtack Review

This CD should have been titled “Clannad Film Soundtrack” instead of “Clannad Soundtrack”. I got this around 2013 and I knew I was getting the movie version. This soundtrack includes 27 songs from the movie. This collection is good and if like the movie, then I recommend buying this CD to listen and relieve the moments This CD DOES NOT have the songs and music from the anime, spread the world. My personal favorites were Small Palms, Mag Mell, Nagisa, Yoshino Band, and Dango Dango Dango.

The songs in the CD:

1. Dango Dango Dango” (だんご だんご だんご) 1:53
2. “Tomoya no Yume” (朋也の夢 Tomoya’s Dream) 0:59
3. “Genki ni Natta Nagisa” (元気になった渚 Cheered-up Nagisa) 1:03
4. “Pan Kai Kyōsō” (パン買い競争 Bread Buying Competition) 0:39
5. “Yūjō” (友情 Friendship) 0:43
6. “Nagisa” () 1:54
7. “Kibō ni Moete” (希望に燃えて Burning with Wishes) 0:46
8. “Nakayoshi Kazoku” (仲良し家族 Intimate Family) 0:43
9. “Yume no Hanashi” (夢の話 A Talk about Dreams) 2:04
10. “Kinenshashin” (記念写真 Souvenir Photograph) 0:25
11. “Umibe nite” (海辺にて At the Beach) 1:05
12. “Jiken” (事件 Incident) 0:42
13. “Nanika ga Kawaru…” (なにかが変わる Something Changes) 1:34
14. “Marching Band” (マーチングバンド Māchingu Bando) 1:33
15. “Tanoshii Sōritsusai” (楽しい創立祭 A Fun Founder’s Festival) 1:50
16. “Nagisa Netsuen!” (渚熱演! Nagisa’s Enthusiastic Performance!) 2:33
17. “Odoru Nagisa” (踊る渚 Dancing Nagisa) 0:48
18. “Omae ga Suki” (お前が好き I Love You) 1:26
19. “Nagisa no Shi” (渚の死 Nagisa’s Death) 1:59
20. “Chichi no Kotoba” (父の言葉 Father’s Words) 1:09
21. “Yoshino Band” (芳野バンド Yoshino Bando) 1:04
22. “Ushio to Saikai” (汐と再会 Reunion with Ushio) 1:39
23. “Mag Mell (frequency⇒e Ver.)” (メグメル Megu Meru)
(Lyrics by Riya; Composed by Eufonius; Arrangement by Eufonius; Performed by Eufonius)
24. Marmelo (fildychrom)” (マルメロ Marumero)
(Lyrics by Riya; Composed by Eufonius; Arrangement by Eufonius; Performed by Eufonius)
25. “Marmelo” (fildychrom La la la Ver.)” (マルメロ Marumero)
(Lyrics by Riya; Composed by Eufonius; Arrangement by Eufonius; Performed by Eufonius)
26. “Chiisana Tenohira (Eufonius Ver.)” (小さな手のひら Small Palms)
(Lyrics by Jun Maeda; Composed by Jun Maeda; Arrangement by Eufonius; Performed by Eufonius)
27. “Yakusoku” (約束 Promise)
(Performed by Lia)
Total length:

Rurouni Kenshin: New Kyoto Arc Review (First Draft)

Although she’s only sixteen and looks even younger, Misao Makimachi is already a skilled and competent member of the Oniwabanshu ninja clan. That’s fortunate for Misao, because her onimitsu talents may be all that keeps her alive when a journey in search of the leader of the clan, Aoshi Shinomori, leads her instead into a face-to-face encounter with an even more dangerous man and a plot to overthrow the Meiji government!

Quickly enmeshed in the affairs of the legendary assassin Hitokiri Battosai, now known as Kenshin Himura, wielder of the reverse-blade sword, Misao finds herself pulled into the middle of a deadly intrigue against Makoto Shishio, who is orchestrating the conquest of all Japan – beginning with Kyoto!

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John 3:16

For God so loved the world that he He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.