One Piece “3D2Y” Movie Special Review

Curious about what happened after the events at the marineford? Want to know how Luffy got strong? Then proceed to read this review. It will not have spoilers 😉Plot Overview:

This special begins with a quick recap of the war between the marines and the Whitebeard pirates. Luffy and his group from Impel Down try to save Ace from getting executed. After they set him free, Luffy and Ace comes across to the admiral Akainu and unfortunately, Ace gets killed and Luffy goes into shock after witnessing it. This moment is a dream Luffy remembered during his break from his training with Rayleigh.

It’s been reported that another escapee from Impel Down is free and is hungry for vengence against the marines. This guy is named Byrnndi World and he was confined in level 6 of Impel Down. In order to get to the marines, he needs to capture one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea and the only one close is Boa Hancock. He kidnaps her sisters to trap Boa Hancock, but she is not going alone; Luffy joins in.


With the power of the More-More Fruit, Byrnndi World can expand objects into greater proportions (he can turn small lead bullets into cannonballs, and ordinary cannonballs into ship sizes). What also makes him powerful is that he knows the Armament Haki. He also has a crew consisting of four members: Byojack (his ill older brother), Sebastian (a blind fishman with heavy maces), Gairam (a member who can use the Cube-Cube fruit to transform things into cubes), and Nightin (a elderly woman that use herbs to fight known as Kanpo Kenpo).

Even though this special is mostly focus on Luffy and Hancock, there are characters who take the spotlight. Buggy and Mr. 3 gets involved and Buggy tries to get popularity. Mihawk and Perona makes an appearance but Mihawk watches from the sidelines and Perona sorta helps.

My thoughts:

At first I though this was going to be another filler arc, but surprisingly enough it wasn’t. I really like how we get to see Luffy conquer his weaknesses after when he gets reminded that he failed to save Ace. We also get to see the origin of Luffy’s new attack: Gum Gum Red Hawk. It was great to see Hancock back in action, she does prove to us the power of a Warlord. The ending song “Next Stage” by AAA was a great choice to use.

Would I recommend it? Heck yeah. Check out the ending after the credits to see a certain someone who will later help Luffy.


4 thoughts on “One Piece “3D2Y” Movie Special Review

  1. I was so excited when this was just a rumour. And then I watched it when it was released. It was enjoyable, as always. Although I’m kind of biased because OP is my favourite anime. Anyway, I don’t think this is the best OP special but I definitely recommend it, just like you.

      • Indeed. It’s just that everything seemed kind of rushed when I watched it. But I guess they have to rush it because it’s only a special. It’s not like they had to showcase Luffy’s training in regular episodes. I guess my favourite part is when Luffy and Buggy worked together there. Buggy and his followers are so hilarious.

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