top 5 awesome character’s death

Ever seen an anime where the character you liked is tragically dead and leaves a hole in your heart? This can make fans angry when a cool character is gone but sometimes it can be a positive for the protagonist. it gives them extra push and helps them reach for the goal. Here are my top 5 (it will have spoilers):

5. L (Death Note)


Even the one person that you called friend can be a traitor. After getting his memory back, Light resumes his goal on killing L and he finally succeeds. Judging by the beginning the episode, I knew something bad was gonna happen especially when L heard the “bells ringing”. He was cool detective that loved sweets.

4. Piccolo (Dragon Ball Z)


For a grumpy, green enemy, he was one tough mentor that was willing to give his life to save his rival’s son. Even after going through tough training for a year, Gohan really liked Piccolo. Even Piccolo admits that training with him wasn’t that bad.

3. Jiraiya (Naruto Shippuden)


It’s good when the student passes the teacher, but in this case, it is not great for Jiraiya and his student Pain (real identity Nagato). Jiraiya fights Pain not one but six different copies of Pain each equipped with the Rinnegan. Even with Sage mode, he fails and dies by the leader of the Akatsuki.

2. Kamina (Gurren Lagann)


Just when you though nothing could go wrong in this series, it does. Kamina was a tough leader that does not bow down to no one. During a fight against a Beastman, Kamina sustains critical injuries and with the last ounce of strength, he and Simon combine together and unleashes the “Giga Drill Break” to win. The victory did cost something, a life of someone that helped everybody do the impossible.

1. Ace (One Piece)


This moment was unbearable to watch. The effort to save his brother was in vain. Just as Luffy was about to get killed by Akainu, Ace throws his body as a shield against the fiery blow. Seeing his brother die and realizing he was not strong to protect anybody caused Luffy to go into shock.

Even though these characters are gone, they are still alive in our hearts. Their deaths also serve as a motivation for the protagonist. For example, after Ace’s death, Luffy trained for two years and mastered all three Haki in order to protect his crew. Jiraiya’s death helped the leaf village to find the true Pain that was controlling all six and helped Naruto learn Sage jutsu from the elder toads. Like I mentioned above, these events serve as an extra push for the protagonist.


13 thoughts on “top 5 awesome character’s death

  1. Good list. I certainly agree with #1. Ace’s death made my chest literally hurt. Just thinking about it makes me teary. Ugh.

    As for #5, I don’t think I’ll describe L’s death as “awesome”. For me, it’s more “shocking”. Well, I guess “shocking” can also be “awesome”.

      • Oh, I see. I agree. L was my favourite character in Death Note. I couldn’t believe when he died. When his death finally sank in with me, I lost a little interest in watching the series. Overall, though, Death Note is still one of my favourite series.

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