Eiichiro Oda reveals One Piece ending to child suffering from cancer.

Some of you may have heard or not, One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda reveals the ending to One Piece to a child suffering from lung cancer. The young boy was Hinati Fujinami and according to JapNation AniManga, Make-A-Wish Japan eased his pain by asking what does this boy want and he said he wanted to know the ending of One Piece. Fortunately it came true, Eiichiro Oda paid a visit him and was happy to share him the secret, he was also holding back his tears. In a private room, Oda sensei told him to keep it a secret and he shares it to Hinati Fujinami. After the private conversation, Hinati Fujinami was seen smiling and crying. He states that One Piece was “Beautiful”.

This is first time hearing about this and after reading about this, I felt the feels get to me. I thank Oda sensei for making a child happy and I hope Fujinami’s family are doing okay.