Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods review

While the hype of “Resurrection of F” is still in the air, I want to talk about my opinion towards the previous film: Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. I will not spoil the ending. I don’t own Dragon Ball Z or any other anime!!!


Following the events of the Dragon Ball Z television series, after the defeat of Majin Buu, a new power awakens and threatens humanity. Beerus, an ancient and powerful God of Destruction, searches for Goku after hearing rumors of the Saiyan warrior who defeated Frieza. Realizing the threat Beerus poses to their home planet, the Z-fighters must find a way to stop him before it’s too late. Only Goku, humanity’s last hope, can ascend to the level of a legendary Super Saiyan God and stop Beerus from destroying Earth, and possibly the entire universe!

Unlike the previous movies,Β This movie is considered canon. Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama was involved with this movie for making the story, the antagonist Beerius, and the Super Saiyan God form. Take all the DBZ movies you remembered, the Dead Zone to Wrath of the Dragons, and toss them away because these movies are noncanon.

One of the surprising moments when this movie was the hype was the news of a Super Saiyan God. In this new form, Goku’s hair and eyes has magenta-red color and his hair reverts back into his base form. Since Super Saiyan 4 was not going to be appear in this DBZ world, many people were speculating what it could be.

I kept hearing online that SSG was basically Kaioken in a transformation state or it resembled the false Super Saiyan form from the Lord Slug movie. Either way, this form was really cool and it had a simple look.

Aside from the transformation and on to the topic of the movie, I really enjoyed this movie; it was funny and it was filled with intense fighting. As an old Dragon Ball Z fan, I couldn’t stop smiling throughout the film. The best part of this movie is that the cast of Dragon Ball Z are back. Christopher Sabat, Sean Schemmel, Kyle Hebert you name it and they are all in this movie. Oh yeah I forgot, Pilaf and his servants are here in this movie causing trouble again.

Beerus is the antagonist of the movie and unlike the villains from the other DBZ movies, Beerus just wants a good fight and pudding. He loves to eat, sleep, and fight. He is the type of guy who will destroy a planet just because someone made him mad. Whis is Beerus’ attendant and serves a guide to Beerus when they were searching for the guy who defeated Frieza.

One of the negative comments I heard about this film is that the use of CGI. The CGI occurs the fight between Goku and Beerus in the movie and some fans may say that it takes away the pleasure of seeing a fight. Also, some fans may feel that this movie have filler which takes away from the time needed for the fights. The movie is mostly focused on the comedy rather than the fights.

This movie had an 2 awesome songs that I couldn’t get enough of. The first song is HERO -Kibou no Uta- by FLOW and they also did Cha-La-Head-Cha-La.


This movie is great for old and new DBZ fans and it will gets you ready for “Resurrection of F”. If you do plan to watch the movie, do not skip the credits. The credits will certainly make you shout and give you a great feeling of nostalgia.

4 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods review

  1. I personally loved this movie and it actually brought me back. I mean DBZ is know for its drawn out battles that naturally induce filler with in an episode. I feel like of course it would in the movie too πŸ˜€

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