Friday Funny 1: TGIFriday Everyone!!!

Thank God it’s Friday! What better way to prepare for the weekends is start with the day with something positive. These pictures I collected are from an app called iFunny and it’s anime. I hope these will give you something to laugh.

UPDATE 2/29/2016:

I decided to try to move these pictures at my Google Photos. I am trying to save some memory in my Media storage. Let me know how it works. This should make things easier for people to look through pictures and gifs without scrolling all the way down. Comment below on which picture or gif do you like. Follow the link and share with others 🙂


9 thoughts on “Friday Funny 1: TGIFriday Everyone!!!

      • I actually have a question– Can I ask about the Bible verses? They seem incongruous, to me, with the other themes of your blog. I don’t mean any offense, just curious!

      • I add these Bible versus because I am a Christian. I like anime but my religion comes first. I put these up to share my faith and reveal myself. People have the option to read them or not.

      • That’s interesting! That’s why I wanted to ask, I presumed you were maybe religious or even just like them. I am actually also Christian, and wasn’t knocking it! Thanks for letting me know and have a great day, man!

      • You’re welcome brother. Glad you asked the question. This blog is dedicated to anime or non-related topics but I try to keep it clean for readers. I am Christian who enjoys anime.

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