Friday Funny 10: not sure if pronounced gif or jif

TGIF everybody! I made it to the double digits of these special funny posts. I will admit that for this week that there is not as much posts I have created. It has been quite slow for me and I am in the middle of trying brainstorm on what to talk about. I have all these ideas and I am not sure what to do first. For example, I want to reviews on anime soundtracks, talk about the protagonists of One Piece, Bleach, and Naruto, and I even want to do analysis breakdown on the Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer from E3. I can’t wait for this weekend to end because on Tuesday on the 30th, I will pick up my game from GameStop, J-Stars Victory VS+ (I might do review on this). So far, I have been checking on people’s blogs.

Sorry for this delay and without further ado… drum roll please *drums*… Ta Da! :

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Have a nice weekend everybody!