“Clannad” and “Clannad After Story” OP&ED Review

clannad op-ed cover

In this small soundtrack, you get the opening song “Megumeru” and ending song “Dango Dai Kazoku” in both Full and TV (short) version. You also get the “off-vocal” version of the songs which is the same as above but the lyrics are intentionally out of place but sounds very pleasant. As a Clannad fan, I did not hesitate on getting this. You can get this for a small price at the iTunes store without hurting your wallet. I recommend buying the whole album rather than buying the songs individually because you get an exclusive song named “Syoujo Genso (ZTS Remix) by Rita and zts. Personallly I think this remix song is catchy.


Much like the one above, this song as all the versions of the opening song “Toki O Kizamu Uta” and ending song “Torch”. However it does not have an exclusive song like the first. Still, this was an amazing collection.

Long story short, I recommend buying these albums if you enjoyed the anime. Every time I hear these songs, I remember the good and bad moments in Clannad. I got these two from iTunes for my iPod for a nice price. The feels really pack a punch ;_;