Here is the news with ISIS and the world from ANN:

“Ever since the Sunni rebel group, the Islamic State (also known as ISIS, ISIL, or Da’esh) took control of much of northern Iraq in the summer of 2014, Western governments and neighboring countries have puzzled over how to fight it. Should they go for a direct military intervention, or restrict their involvement to air strikes? Can other local rebel groups be trusted to put up a resistance? Can anything be done to hinder the spread of its radical Islamic ideology? While Japan has played a limited role in these discussions, Japanese members of the international hacker group Anonymous have a very Japanese idea: turn the image of the Islamic State from a terrifying rebel group into a harmless teenage girl. ” -from Anime News Network


This 19-year old girl clad in her burqa is named ISIS-Chan and she uses her knife to cut her favorite food melons. She was created a Japanese hacker who works with the organization Anonymous. Anonymous are encouraging people to draw ISIS-Chan and share them around the world as a way to ridicule the ISIS group according to Twitter user @Genknoxx. The user also mentions that this is the way to “de-fang ISIS”. What do you think of ISIS-Chan? Will it be effective or bust? Will it be better or worse?

You can read the full article and view the pictures here.

*I do not own any of this and the credit who originally created the article was Eric Stimson from Anime News Network. I do not take ownership of ISIS-Chan either.

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