Michiko and Hatchin anime review *NO SPOILERS*

Every bend in the road hides an ambush as Michiko and Hatchin continue their mad dash to track down Hiroshi: a man from their past that could hold the key to their future. Hit men, kidnappers, and sadistic gangbangers fill their rearview mirror as these ladies on the lam burn rubber across the Latin landscape.

With the throttle wide open and their motorcycle pointed toward the ocean, Michiko and Hatchin defy fate by living freer than they’ve ever lived before. New friendships are forged, young love blooms, and the partners in crime inch ever closer to the man they seek. But just as the long-awaited reunion is about to become reality, the law closes in on them – leaving Michiko to face an agonizing decision that will change both of their lives forever.

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Friday Funny Ep. 17: Everything must go!

TGIF! Okay this the legit TGIF post. I hope everyone have a nice weekend. I will be busy tomorrow on a yard sale and I am hoping I can make some money and get rid of this clutter in my room. Even though I will be busy tomorrow, I am looking forward to Toonami tonight, another episode of Akame ga Kill. I hope you guys enjoyed the English Dub version of the anime. Time for this post to begin!