Friday Funny 20: More Spider-Man Pictures! Labor Day Weekend!

TGIF! It’s Friday and we made it to the 20th episode of these funny posts. You may be asking, why did I titled this episode “More Spider-Man Pictures”, it is because according to the recent news of the upcoming movie Captain America: Civil War, Marvel Studios recently revealed the heroes on the teams of Captain America and Iron Man. So this episode is a hybrid of news and Friday Funny.

Team Captain America:

Captain America

The Falcon (his sidekick Redwing might join the battle based on the picture)

Bucky “The Winter Soldier”

Sharon Carter


Team Iron Man:

Iron Man

Black Widow

War Machine

Black Panther


In recent news, the Hulk was going to be in this movie but he got removed after the events of Age of Ultron. Scarlet Witch will be in this movie as well but it is unknown on what side she picks, it is speculated that she will side with Captain America and even the odds against the Vision. Personally, the anticipated hero Spider-Man will be in this movie but there has not been any news or pictures of him being part of the movie. Once again with the rumors, he will most like fight against Captain America. In the comics, he chose Iron Man but later switched to Captain.

(since I finished the Amazing Spider-Man 2 on Tuesday, I might as well include Spider-Man on title XD)

Last but not least, it is Labor Day weekend! Toonami will also be showing back to back episodes of Michiko and Hatchin. This is good for those who missed some episodes.

Now finished, here is your dose hahaha!

Let’s end this post with this non-Marvel/Disney AMV:

24 thoughts on “Friday Funny 20: More Spider-Man Pictures! Labor Day Weekend!

  1. Hi Matthew ヾ(^∇^)、you’ve got a most creative and vastly imaginative mind which is a beautiful thing! =) Guys with a sense of humor are most attractive, especially a guy with true humility. Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend~! =)

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