Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday: Matt-in-the-hat + Post Of The Week

I want to remember this moment.


litas blogger friday

If I take anything else on this week I feel my head will split in too
*watches soul float away*

Hello People’s 

It is I Lame Lita and I welcome you to another Feature Friday where for those who don’t know I feature a blogger and post of the week which have peaked my interest, this gives you guys a chance to find new people to follow, stalk..haha of course not stalk. 

I hope you all had a good week me, well as you can tell above I just have taken too much on recently when I shouldn’t have because I’m stupid wehee !! Without further do let’s see who is the lucky blogger and post of the week? 

This week’s Feature + Spotlight goes to: 


matt the hatThe blogger who runs this is of course Matt and I only started following him recently, actually I don’t even remember how I came…

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