The Dollars chatrooms

Want to be like the Dollars and enter the chatrooms from the anime Durarara!! ? Thanks to JekoJeko, he helped me find a website that actually feels like the Dollars. The sound chimes is there and you are given a random avatar. It is completely anonymous.

There is another one but it requires a password. The password is “baccano”. This one does not have chimes but it is still anonymous.


Are you in the dollars?



3 Day Quote Challenge! Challenge Accepted! (2/3)

  1. Post one quotation a day for three days (they can be from other sources or one of your own).
  2. Nominate 3 other bloggers to participate per post.
  3. Thank the blogger who nominated you.

This is day 2 of the quote challenge and I  thank Kausus for choosing me ^_^. Here is my quote:

It’s been a while since I have seen Zetman and I thought this quote was nice bring up. You don’t find hope when you’re looking down, you find it with you’re head up high. This quote is great for those needing help when the going gets tough.





I will close with this opening theme of Zetman: