Buso Renkin anime review *spoiler free*

High school student Kazuki Muto thinks he’s saving a girl from a monster, but it turns out that he’s the one who needs saving! Kazuki is killed while fighting a homunculus, a malevolent creature that feeds on humans. The girl, Tokiko Tsumura, revives him by replacing his heart with an alchemical device called a kakugane. With this device Kazuki can create his own Buso Renkin, an alchemical weapon in the form of a huge lance, capable of destroying homunculi. With his new weapon in hand, Kazuki decides to join forces with Tokiko to eliminate the homunculi and destroy their master, the strange and eccentric Papillon Masked Creator!

Based on the manga and created by Nobuhiro Watsuki, well-known mangaka for creating Rurouni Kenshin, Watsuki tells the story of Kazuki Muto using the power of alchemy to slay the homunculus and save humanity.

Even though this anime deals with alchemy and homunculus, that does not mean it will be like Fullmetal Alchemist, it actually feels like watching Bleach. Here is some examples:

  • Reason being is because the protagonist, Kazuki Muto, obtains powers from another person who is also a female fighter in order to protect someone dear.
  • The English Dub also feels like it borrowed the voices from Bleach or Naruto. Kazuki’s voice actor is Steve Staley who is well-known for voicing Neji Hyuga from the Naruto series and Toshiro Hitsugaya from Bleach.
  • The characters call upon their weapons by saying their names and drawing power. Also, Kazuki has a large weapon too.

Besides of the anime and the use of cliches, it is somehow entertaining. When the characters are not serious, they can be goofballs, even some of the villains you can’t even take series; Papillon is probably my favorite, funny villain. Besides comedy, the show includes some pretty epic fights. Kazuki and his friends not only have to worry about the homunculus but they must deal other elite alchemists as well. I will not spoil what leads to it but I will say that once you get halfway through the series, it gets interesting.

Besides Kazuki taking the spotlight of the show, the characters are with him or against him also get some development. This anime does not forget about the other character and it tries to include everyone on the action. I grew fond of Kazuki’s friends and sister, they serve as the comedy relief and at one point they are valuable to him.

If you are familiar with Rurouni Kenshin, this anime also makes references to the creator and Rurouni Kenshin himself.

There is a total of 26 episodes and the story completely ends, so you don’t have to ponder for a second season or worry about cliffhangers. It has only one opening theme and two ending songs.  At the end of some episodes, Kazuki’s sister Mahiro offers some info on the good and bad guys of the series on the topic of background history and weapons/powers.


Buso Renkin is an anime people can easily get into. The characters are either hilarious or pretty dang epic. It has decent amount of episodes, it is not too short or long. It may not be as popular like One Piece or Naruto but it can be quite enjoyable. I personally loved this anime. If you don’t mind the cliches, you might like this as well. Feel free comment below if you any questions about this anime.

9 thoughts on “Buso Renkin anime review *spoiler free*

    • That’s alright, you spelled Kenshin correctly ;-). According to Wiki, Buso Renkin debut in Japan on October 4, 2006 and ended on March 28, 2007 (same date as my birthday^^). The first DVD set in English was in 2008. It is kinda old be quite frank. If you want to check out the anime free for English Dub or Sub, go to Neon Alley.

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