Friday Funny 22: Goodbye Summer…

Thank God it’s Friday! We made it to Friday and I hope everyone survived this week. As we get to the end of Summer, the weather should be cooling down and my summer vacation is coming to an end and I will be returning back to college classes on Thursday. It was a fun vacation with ups and downs but it was an adventure. Even though I will be back to college work, I will continue to keep with my blogs. Time for to get ready for the S word. I am not going anywhere. It is time start Friday Funny!

Here is something to end it for today, cheers for this summer vacation:

Here is taste of the 90’s:

Have a nice weekend 🙂


22 thoughts on “Friday Funny 22: Goodbye Summer…

  1. Funny as always. The hallway thing I can definitely relate to. I get swept away trying to walk down the hall. Traffic lights would be so helpful but sadly we don’t have any. I hate when the bell rings and it’s more torture of work, notes, and more work. Since my S word already started I can relate to all these things.

  2. Always make yourself smarter and this world a better place =). Ohhh I love the Power Puff Girls. …and Blossom was always my most favorite~♡!! And that lion’s expression, I’ve just not seen anything like that before, you can’t help but laugh! All in all fun…. thank you~♡!~!

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