Bleach: Soul Resureccion review

GameStop details:

Bleach: Soul Resurrección gives players the sensation of singlehandedly destroying an army of monsters and evil spirits with lightningfast swordfighting action. Gamers can re-live the experiences of various characters from the popular anime series by closely following the original story.  Soul Resurrección delivers an unparalleled anime action game experience

  • A Massive Freeroaming Celshaded Action/adventure! The incredibly popular anime and manga franchise comes to PS3 as an actionpacked freeroaming adventure with silky smooth anima tions, beautiful animeinspired celshaded visuals, impressive ene mies, and breathtaking special effects.
  • First Console Game for the Huge Anime MegaFranchise With over 65 million copies of the manga sold and over 1 million in US DVD sales, Bleach is one of the most popular anime series in the world, and Soul Resurrección marks the IP’s first console game.
  • 21 playable characters in the mission mode! Bleach fans will certainly not be left wanting more, since the game has much more to offer!
  • Customizable Character Leveling System! Unlock status enhancements and add special abilities through a customized “Character Map” for each playable character.

As a Bleach fan, there are some good and bad points to this game I noticed while playing this first ever Bleach PS3 video game.


The story mode for this game takes place during the arc where Ichigo Kurosaki and his group head to Hueco Mundo and save Orihime. While Ichigo is gone, the Soul Reapers face against Sosuke Aizan and the Espadas. The game ends at the final showdown with Ichigo and Aizen at the Soul Socitey. This is where I noticed in the story. Rather than focusing on Ichigo and learning how to use his powers and move on to the arc where He saves Rukia from the Soul Society, the game forces the player to jump right into the middle of the Bleach series and assume what is happening in the story through narrative scenes. Thankful, since I was already finished with the anime I already knew what to expect; however, for those who are barely new to Bleach they might end up being spoiled to the story. Besides the Ryoka Invasion/ Rescue Rukia arc, this particular part of the story was action-packed filled with Hollows and Arrancar and challenging boss battles. Like I mentioned earlier, if you barely getting into the story, you might get confused of the characters and you will be spoiled on the anime.


Each character you play are different in mechanics and style. For example, Ichigo is basic character to choose for beginners. He is exceptionally great on close and long range combat. He relies on using strong slices from his Tensa Zangetsu and quick slices from Getsuga Tensho. The Quincy Uryu Ishida is good at close combat with his Seele Schnieder but his expertise is his bow and arrows. Players can also play as Espadas as well but only in mission mode, even Aizen and Gin are playable. The game also makes the player play only the Resurrcion form of the Espadas, Ulquiorra uses his Segunda Etapa/Second Release form. Besides from the main story, two characters from the movie Hell Verse also join in the game but only unlocked in Mission Mode, once again this could be another spoiler to the movie (I will not spoil who are they).

I had fun playing all 21 characters. My favorite was Ichigo because he is quite fun to use and he is probably the only character where I can rack up a 100+ hit combo. Even though I think the game did a great job on including fan favorite characters, I felt that it could be better to add more. Characters like Isshin, Chad, Renji, Rangiku, Kisuke or any of the Soul Reaper lieutenants; That way, the story would feel more close to the anime. I felt that the story was sort of rushed.


Personally, the gameplay almost resembles One Piece: Pirate Warriors. You have to slice your way through multiple enemies all by yourself and using your own skills but unlike Pirate Warrors, the map design is linear and you are not require to fight for territories.


The game offers many modes to entertain players: Mission mode and Soul Attack. In Mission Mode, players will have to accomplish missions under requirements or restrictions and complete them. You can either be the good or bad guys and the more you complete the higher the challenge is. The award for completing mission is Soul points in which players can upgrade characters or unlock 3D character models to view at the Collection mode.

Soul Attack plays like Mission mode but it is divided by two challenges, one is for collecting the most points and the other challenge is completing the mission in short amount of time. Once you complete them, with PlayStation Network, you can send in your scores online and share them to other players.

The only thing this game suffers is a vs. mode option where players can play either with a friend online or offline or just the AI.


The game can either be played in English or Japanese Dub.


Bleach: Soul Resureccion is a fun PS3 game for Bleach fans. Too bad this is the only Bleach game for the PS3 and it is unlikely if there will ever be another one. This game does its best to bring the enjoyment of the relieving and taking part of the memorable fights in Bleach but it could have been better and extended if the story focused on the entire story. I recommend this game to Bleach fans only because of the story and only for single players, this game does not offer any multiplayer modes or vs. mode. With this being said, I hope you enjoyed this review and if you like Bleach and you still have a PS3, pick this game up. If you have any questions or feedback, comment below. I would like to read what you got to say.

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