Friday Funny 24: I’m Batman!

TGIF! Thank God we made it 😀 !

This week has been busy for me on this second week of school but I haven’t forgot about doing this special TGIF posts. As we enter the new month, we are approaching the last of the month of this year 2015. The first holiday coming up is Halloween, a time of holiday where people dress up and attend parties or take little ones for trick or treating. Other people might just do special horror movie nights or watch TV series. With Halloween approaching, get ready to encounter stores already stocking up for Christmas stuff.

Don’t forget to check out Anime Review Girl’s YouTube channel for anime reviews or discussions. Want do you think about fan-fiction? What kind of stereotypes you heard about anime fans? Follow the link above to hear her discussion video.

Last week was Batman Day so expect something by the end of this post from the Dark Knight himself. However! We all have been duped! According to Kotaku, Batman Day is supposed to be on June 26 and NOT September 26. Curse you Calendar Man 😡 !

Let’s put a smile on that face!

Here is some shorts for the 75 years of Batman. They were made last year.

Funny Batman XD

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