Friday Funny 25: Happy Birthday Naruto! Never had a friend like you!

TGIF everybody!

Assuming you read the title, October 10th is Naruto Uzamaki’s birthday. Even though today is the 9th, I wanted to do a special shout-out to the ninja with the Nine-Tails. I want to thank Naruto for being part of my anime/manga life and helping me be confident in tough situations. He also helped me make friends who were also into Naruto. I am glad to see the end of his long journey of becoming Hokage. He fulfilled his dreams and started a family with Hinata Hyuga. Also on Saturday, Boruto: the Naruto Movie is premiered in theaters. Now that we are done with Naruto’s story, let’s see the new generation of shinobi. If you didn’t know, Disney rereleased the classic movie Aladdin and gave the Diamond Edition treatment. I recommend owning copy now to enjoy a “Whole New World” of Disney wonder.

My game of Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax came yesterday ^^

Let’s Party!




Before I end this, check out Anime Review Girl’s YouTube channel for anime discussions and reviews. Come and support our anime friends ^^

I will end this post with a playlist of Naruto and Aladdin songs.



Bye and enjoy the weekend 🙂

12 thoughts on “Friday Funny 25: Happy Birthday Naruto! Never had a friend like you!

  1. Happy birthday to Naruto. And “A Whole New World” started playing in my head while I’m looking at Naruto photos. This is so messed up. Hahaha.

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