Sword Art Online Season 3 possible release date in Summer 2016

Based on this article from Vine Report, Sword Art Online “season 3” will most likely be release on Summer 2016. Reason being is because after the announcement of the film project, the anime staff will be focusing on the film rather than this new anime. Season 3, also known for the Underworld arc, will be quite different than the past games because the world in the game is an AI Simulation. Here is what it’s described as:

The characters are expected to end up in a Renaissance themed world where they will be charged with building their own region using an advanced technology.

It was expected online that the anime season was going to start at the end of 2015 and go up to 2016, but since the announcement of the film, it will have to wait. It is also confirmed that there will also be a season 3 and 4, Underworld and Alicization, and it will have new characters like Eugeo and Alice.

Episode 26: It’s Finally Friday

TGIF! Thank God it’s Friday! We made it and hopefully we survived. I will keep this rather brief because there is not to talk about besides the news on manga from Viz Media, Kodansha and Yen Press. As we reach towards the end of the middle of October, we are also getting near to Halloween. Please excuse me for not blogging about reviews, I have been filled with homework from college everyday I am thankful of doing these TGIF posts. At the end of the post, check out my friend’s YouTube Channel, Anime Review Girl. She will happily respond to any comment you ask about anime. Without further ado, here is Friday Funny!


 Rather than ending this with a funny video or two, I decided to end this with a top ten anime swords from the people of AWE: Man At Arms. Check out their videos for more swords from anime, movies, TV shows, and video games. This is not in order:

Have an awesome weekend :)!