Highschool of the Dead anime review

It began without warning. It continues without mercy. Now a band of high schoolers join forces with guns, swords, baseball bats and anything else they can get their hands on to battle a bloodthirsty, flesh-hungry zombie apocalypse.

Ever wonder what happens if you combine the Walking Dead series and anime with high school? You get Highschool of the Dead, a zombie apocalyptic series that is filled with blood, suspense, fanservice, and hardcore action! Created by Daisuke Satō and designed by Shouji Satō (same person who was involved with Triage X), we get an anime where the story involves with minors and one adult and dog against the flesh-eating zombies and corrupt, insane people. Let’s get started on this Halloween season.



The main characters of the show

The story begins with a new year of school of the spring and we get introduced to the first character of series Takashi Komuro. Takashi (resembles a serious version of Kazuki Muto from Buso Renkin) is typical high school student with an attitude who has a reason to get grouchy.  Takashi is also the first person notice something wrong in the day of the outbreak. When he sees a suspicious character hitting himself against the school fence, the teachers arrive to see what is going on and without noticing the critical injury. The person later bites one of the teachers and gets bitten and thus spreading the infection to the school building. In results, school becomes the first target for the zombie invasion.

Takashi and his ex-childhood girlfriend Rei Miyamoto (who resembles Asuna from SAO), Saya Takagi, another friend of Takashi who is intelligent and very stubborn with pink hair, Kohta Hirano, a chubby male teen who is considered as gun otaku, Saeko Busujma, a purple-long haired girl that can handle swords and practice swords, and Shizuka Marikawa, the only adult in the group and the school nurse with a ditsy personality (she is the only one in the group to legally drive). Later on they, get a child for group named Alice Maresato and Zero (Zeke) the dog.

The serious is filled with suspenseful situation where life is on the line and friendship are tested. The group must be able to survive against swarms of brain dead zombies that are attracted to sound and insane people who will fight for survival. I will admit, the serious had me edge where I thought that Takashi and his friends weren’t going to last or one of them might die. Since the show uses realistic aspects of the real world (no magic, science fiction, or titans), I felt that the story was easy to follow and you can imagine being in this situation. Besides the action and drama, the show does have those ecchi moments. I don’t mind them but I felt that they were of a distraction and quite frankly, I saw them as funny. For example, there is a moment where Takashi uses Rei’s body as a compressor for a gun and the animators take advantage of this by slowing down the effects of the gun and vibration of Rei’s breasts and the bullet’s travel from the barrel, thru Saeko’s skirt and to a zombie’s head. How is this possible?

There is a total of 12 episodes in the series plus an OVA. The OVA is about the group and taking cover at a beach and relaxing in the sun; it’s titled “Drifters of the Dead” and it has an English Sub and Dub.

I felt that the series could have another season but unfortunately, the series is the second famous for being in a hiatus (first is Hunter x Hunter). The English Dub is pretty reasonable, not really great but decent. I noticed that in the English Dub, they mention pop culture and real people, either comparing somebody to Sarah Palin or Breaking Bad (in OVA). For instance, While Saya and Kohta try to survive the zombies at school by hiding in a wood shop class, Kohta asks Saya what are these tools and she responds that this (he was pointing to a nail gun) was a nail gun and questions him if he ever saw the “Mel Gibson movie”. The opening them is really awesome, it has a rock theme for this serious. The ending theme changes throughout the show and like the Marvel movies, you should not skip them; they reveal an epilogue that will hint us the next episode.


If you love zombie shows and anime, you will definitely enjoy this series. The characters are quite unique and you either like them or hate them. This show has action, plot, and nice music. Unfortunately, you are like me and get into this series, be prepared for a cliffhanger ending. Not even the OVA hints us what will happen next. Still, this anime was enjoyable and I thought this anime is great even though I have not seen any episode of “The Walking Dead”.

If you plan to buy this, there are three different products you can get. The complete collection by Sentai Filmworks has the complete series with episodes 1-12 and the OVA is sold separately. The collector’s edition has all the episodes and OVA in one collection for DVD and Blu-Ray.

Comment below about your opinion on this anime. If you have questions, write them down below and I will do my best to answer them.




14 thoughts on “Highschool of the Dead anime review

  1. I’ve been looking at this anime for a while now, but have been wavering whether I’ll watch or not. Your review is a good one. I’m sure to watch it… soon… tonight. Thanks.

      • I like that it’s a survival anime. However, typical of shounen/ harem /ecchi genre, there’s too much focused on humungous breasts and other private parts that are totally irrelevant and does not add anything to the story…. except , obviously to give the main character takashi, a reason to succumb to what is willingly offered to him by a girl other than the one ( Rei ) whom he thinks he’s in love with. It can’t be helped, eh ? I can say with 100% certainty he slept with Saeko at the temple . These two had been itching to do that , anyways.

        Of course, their survival is of utmost importance and , it is , by itself should have been enough to make it a good story. Alas, typical of authors of this genre, they can’t seem to avoid exploiting sex .

  2. This is one of those ridiculous- sounding shows that everyone talks about that I’ve still yet to watch. I mean, it looks pretty dumb, but I could be mistaken. Good review, though, as it irks me to check it out considering the spooky season haha!

    • It is interesting but also ridiculus especially when the series is about girls. I enjoyed it and if you do watch it, I hope it reaches your expectations. Thanks for the comment.

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