One Piece Episode of Sabo: the Miraculous Reunion and the Inherited Will review


After two years of training, the Straw Hats reunited at Sabaody Archipelago. Getting past the Fish-Man Island, they finally made it to the final sea – the New World. At Punk Hazard Island, they met again with Trafalgar Law, forming a pact to oppose the Four Warlords. The crew entered Dressrosa, the country ruled with an iron fist by Doflamingo. As a struggle for independence spread across the island, Luffy was reunited with Sabo, whom he had thought to be dead…

I meant to create this review earlier after I finished the special episode but I got preoccupied. This will have minor spoilers but it will also be very short.

In this special episode, we get to see the behind the scene action of what was going on Dressrosa as we see through the eyes of Sabo. Sabo is the second oldest brother of Monkey D. Luffy and Portgas D. Ace. The story begins with Sabo and his teammates Koala and the karate Fishman Hack in the island Dressrosa on hoping to find some weapons that are being secretly sent. Around the same time, the Luffy-Law (or Straw Hat-Heart pirate) Alliance arrive to the island to stop the SAD factory and foil Doflamingo’s trickery.

I am not give away the story and I will discuss on how the anime presented. The anime makes a habit of switching back and forth from Sabo and to the story’s plot. The anime also offers flashback moments from Ace’s execution in the Marinefold arc to Sabo’s backstory.

This anime special was really interesting and I was kinda about what and where was Sabo at when Luffy and friends were on their mission. Watching the flashbacks and backstory were also great as well and it helps us understand how it affects not only Luffy but Sabo. However, I will admit, I was sorta disappointed on this episode because I felt that this was just a rushed half version of the Dressrosa arc with little screen time of Sabo.

Just like Fujinsei’s review, when I first heard about this episode, I thought we were going to get more information about Sabo after his disappearance and his connection with Luffy’s father Dragon. I wanted to know what kind of training he went through and learn more about his activities in the Revolutionary Army. Still, I did not let these questions get the best of me and I also believe that we might have to be patient until Oda-sensei adds more details in the manga.


This episode was really entertaining and filled with some awesome fight moments. Sabo’s actions in Dressrosa was my center of attention throughout this adventure and I wish it continued more. However, this episode may not appeal all since this is a edited version of the Dressrosa arc and it only reaches half way through the story. Either way, it’s a great episode and if you are One Piece fan, you will surely enjoy it. The ending song was also addicting; the ending song is “Liberator” and performed by Goodbye Holiday. What do you think about this episode? Comment below.

You can watch it free at Crunchyroll, and One Piece Official

Ace’s power still lives on!

30 thoughts on “One Piece Episode of Sabo: the Miraculous Reunion and the Inherited Will review

  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Matt! I appreciate it. Well, we already discussed this before and I know that we’re both disappointed. I really think that it was too early for an Episode of Sabo special. I wish TOEI could’ve waited a bit more until Oda-sensei revealed more information and gave Sabo more role in the manga. It would’ve made an Episode of Sabo more interesting and less disappointing.

      • No problem. I didn’t write my review immediately after I watched the episode either, so we’re the same.

        Hmmm. Maybe they can do an Episode of Sabo Part II? Hahaha. That would be awesome.

      • Really? Well, you beat me to it, I will give you that. It would be awesome for a part 2. Then we would know what was going on while Luffy was fighting against Doflamingo. It would be epic to see an extended fight with Sabo and Burguss or Fujitora.

      • Exactly! The manga didn’t show much, and I really want that. Hmmmm. I really want a part 2. And speaking of Fujitora, he’s another interesting character. I like him. I can’t say I hate him. I think I like him more now than I did Aokiji or Smoker.

      • I agree with you with Fujitora. He is strict about justice but not like Akainu. He is pretty similar to them.
        Side Note: Nice profile picture. I like the pink.

      • Yes, exactly! He is strict about justice; he is a very just person but unlike Akainu, his sense of justice is not absolute. It’s relative and he adjusts it based on moral grounds. I’m so excited to meet the other Admiral. I wonder what he’s like.

        Aw, thanks. I just changed it. Pink and black are my favourite colours. I was wearing black in the previous one, so I wanted the next one to be pink.

      • You can already tell he and Akainu can’t agree with each other after the events of Dressora. If these two were to fight each other, who would win? Gravity with meteors or lava?
        You look pretty in pink. My sister likes pink. My favorite color is blue. I like to mix blue with black, white, or gray.

      • Oooooh. That’s a difficult question. I want Fujitora to win if they were ever to fight, but Akainu is strong and he’s merciless, which means that he won’t hesitate to attack. This could be an advantage, but if course good always triumphs.

      • I think that’s going to happen in the future. I’m still thinking though that Luffy needs to power up a LOT in order to defeat Akainu. I don’t think his current state can match Akainu right now.

      • That is true. Speaking of admirals, I am curious about Kizaru. I wonder if he also gotten stronger too. Same goes to ex-admiral Aokiji or Kuzan.

      • I agree. I’m curious about that, as well. Kizaru is strong, and I really like his devil fruit powers. I think it’s one of my favourites in the series. But I’m more curious about the new admiral Ryokugyuu whose face isn’t revealed yet. I wonder what his powers is and I wonder how strong he is. I hope that he isn’t as hateful as Akainu.

      • I know, right? Well, there’s going to be a mega war that’s said to be more epic than the Marineford war. I’m already preparing my heart. I was so heartbroken when Ace died. I’m steeling myself to expect the worse in the upcoming war, that someone’s going to die like Ace. I hope not, but I have a feeling.

      • I know! But I can’t help but have a feeling that someone important will die because if the manga is constantly hinting that the upcoming was will be bigger than the Marineford one, then a more shocking and painful death will also happen. But of course, this is just my opinion. I hope I’m wrong.

      • I have the same feeling as well. I am both looking forward of something big but I am also nervous on what if somebody dies. Knowing Oda sensei, it could be unexpected just like Ace.

      • My thoughts exactly. It’s so hard to say something for sure when it comes to Oda-sensei. Sometimes our predictions are correct, sometimes we miss big-time. He sure likes to throw us surprised that makes sense. I have a feeling that Garp will die, though. Hope I’m wrong. I like the old man.

      • He is a lovable guy, it would be a sad moment if he died. I was thinking either Luffy’s dad Dragon or in the worst case scenario, Shanks. I say that the upcoming war is going to involve with marines, pirates, and even the Revolutionary army.

      • I don’t think I’ll feel as much if Dragon died, at least at this point of time, since there’s not enough shown of him in the series to get me attached. As for Shanks, well, the other Worst Generation alliance is gunning for his head. I hope that they succeed. On another note, do you remember Lola, the former zombie who became friends with “Namizou” at Thriller Bark? I have a feeling, and I know that some other OP fans as well, that Lola’s “mama” is Big Mom? Hmmmm. I hope that we get answers for that soon.

      • Oh yeah I remember Lola, she still hasn’t foundba husband. I remember her saying that her mom was out there. I heard about those rumors. I wonder if Oda planned this out for us.

      • I know, right? I got the impression that Big Mom likes Luffy’s guts. I wonder if she’ll end up an ally or remain an enemy. But since this is OP we’re talking about, maybe both or maybe not. I guess we’ll see as we read more chapters.

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