Kingdom Hearts 3 and 2.8 news! Toy Story and Fragmentary Passage

In the is recent KH news, Square Enix released screenshots of Kingdom Hearts 3 and Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue. In one of the screenshots here, Sora and his allies, Donald and Goofy, are riding an attraction looks strikingly similar to the Toy Story ride Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters from Disneyland. The attraction in this game is called Shooting Ride. This could mean that Pixar films might show in this game, such as inspired worlds.The screenshots also reveals that the game will increase the clarity of the 3DS game Dream Drop Distance.It is also confirmed that Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep – A Fragmentary Passage will be a playable chapter. The screenshot shows Riku, Kairi, King Mickey and Yen Sid discussing about the Master of Sorcery

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I want to thank ignite18@MarvelouslyMismatched of Marvelously Mismatched for nominating me for the Free Spirit Award. It has been a while since I was nominated for an award. Once again, thank you :). Here are the simple rules:

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Sorry for this delay, I have been busy but now I got the time to do this. For this topic, ignite18@MarvelouslyMismatched gave me a topic about anime specially speaking, anime do’s and don’t or anime hits and misses.

So what is a hit anime and a miss anime? A “hit anime” would be series that is quite popular and gets the well deserve attention. It has some memorable moments, characters, and story. It may have some downfalls but they can be forgiving and/or overlooked. A “miss anime” is an anime series that fails to reach the viewers expectations. The show might start off good for a while but it might it can sometimes plummet to the ground and give the viewers a bad taste. It could have a rushed story, only one character to remember, unnecessary fanservice or overly used cliches moments.

Hit anime

Attack on Titan (or Shingeki No Kyojin) is an example of a hit anime. The reason why Attack on Titan is a huge hit in Japan and even the West is because it has an original story and theme; we have story about soldiers fighting hideous giants with blades and devices that enables them to swing around like Spider-Man. You don’t see many anime that involves people fighting giants. Even the first episode is appealing because it doesn’t hold back on the violence and the motivations of the characters. The opening songs are very addicting. Unlike most Japanese songs, AoT opening songs is a mixture of Japanese and a Rock and Roll Opera symphony that matches the theme of the show.

Attack on Titan Eren

Another anime that is considered a hit Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z_EveryoneInDragonBallZ

Dragon Ball Z is classic Shonen anime that anyone can get into. Technically, even though this anime is a sequel to Dragon Ball, the show can be very easy to get into without having to watch the first series. The show has many unique characters that gets the spotlight in fight scenes and saves room for some funny bits. We even have a main character who shows no fear when facing somebody strong and even shows mercy to some people, even though they did greater harm to others. This show is filled with explosive action and memorable elements that any fan enjoy and are used today. Even cartoons mimic DBZ.


The Fairy OddParents- Maho Mushi!

codename kids next door dbz

Kids Next Door

gumball dbz

The Amazing World of Gumball

Also, the Dragon Ball series even inspired other creators to make well known series like Bleach, Naruto and One Piece.

Miss anime

Rosario Vampire can be an anime that can be a miss. Even though I really enjoy the manga, I felt that the anime was a miss in the series. The anime first starts off following from original material, but then the creators decided to add unnecessary ecchi cliches. I will not spoil the manga, but I will say the manga gets dark and the art style changes to a dark, harem series. The anime is more of silly, cute series.


Throughout online, I hear that Sword Art Online is a miss anime.

Sword Art Online tumblr_ngsgntwDmr1s1jnwao1_500

I love Sword Art Online but I do notice why people would say that. Sword Art Online has a tendency to make the protagonist OP just for the story and the anime tries to make an excuse to make him strong. Throughout the series, the protagonist, Kazuto/Kirito, often draws in female characters and creating a harem. The show mostly focuses on him and not much on the characters he encounters which often times can be boring for the viewers. I heard online that the Mother Rosario arc was good because it does NOT focus on Kirito and more on his girlfriend Asuna. A show that mainly focuses on one character and forgets the secondary character can be missed.

These are some hit and miss anime I have to talk about in this award post. I hope this was entertaining for some readers out there. What are your hit and miss anime?

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For this new topic, I want to know what is the ideal Friendship? Does it consist a group of friends that stay together or it it just one friend? Do you act like a family or brother/sister? Basically I am saying is what makes a good friend? Have fun writing about this question ^^