Anime News: One Piece Foxy special and Akame ga Kill box set preview

One Piece

It is reported from the official site that there will be a One Piece TV special on December 19th. The special will be about the return of the Foxy Pirates and the special is titled “Adventure of Nevlandia” . Here is the plot synopsis:

The special with a completely original story will take place on a “Devil Fruit blocking” fog island in the New World that keeps Devil Fruit users from being able to use their powers. The crew will also again meet and have a rematch with the Foxy Pirates from the Davy Back Fight arc. Foxy now has three new subordinates: Dōjack, Kanshō, and Kōmei, the latter of whom is a member of a family of genius tacticians.

Kōmei devises a plan where Zoro and Sanji take part in an eating contest, and the two eat a strange “good-for-nothing-only” mushroom that turns them into good-for-nothing men. The two are then locked in a jail cell. When the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates chase after their imprisoned crew, they land on the island of Nevlandia, which features a mysterious fog made from sea water, and it has the same effects as seastone. The Straw Hat Pirates’ arrival on Nevlandia is also a part of Kōmei’s plan.

So far it is unknown if it will be streamed at Crunchyroll or FUNimation. The director of this special is Kônosuke Uda, the same person who worked on the movies One Piece: Dead Island and One Piece: Mega Mecha Soldier of Karakuri Castle.

one piece foxy special

Akame Ga Kill

Sentai Filmworks uploaded a preview of the limited edition Premium box of the first collection of Akame Ga Kill!. The set will be release on February 9th and the retail price is  $129.98. The first set will also connect to the upcoming second set. Here is what set has to offer:

Chipboard Box

Limited Edition Poster

Stickers and tattoos

100+ hardcover booklet


The Akame ga Kill! Collection 1 Limited Edition Premium box set will come with both Blu-ray and DVD versions of episodes 1 – 12, uncut and uncensored.

Disc Extras include:

Akame ga Kill! Theater

Tatsumi and Leone
1 Minute Meals
Hot Springs
TV Shopping, Part 1
Esdeath’s Fun Class on Torture
Field Trip
The Tale of Estaro
DX Incursio
Girl’s Bar
TV Shopping, Part 2

Japanese Promos

Clean open and close animations

akame ga kill dvd preview

20 thoughts on “Anime News: One Piece Foxy special and Akame ga Kill box set preview

  1. I just saw the news about the upcoming ONE PIECE special on my Twitter timeline this morning. I was quite surprised that they decided to make a special about Foxy and his crew. I can’t say that I’m that enthusiastic about it. I’m going that they make an episode of Ace. Sigh.

      • Ahahaha! Oh well, like I said I’m not that enthusiastic about watching this upcoming special episode but of course I’ll watch it. That’s a given. This is OP we’re talking about. And to be honest, I didn’t enjoy the arc with Foxy. I only enjoyed it when Aokiji showed up. How about you?

      • I felt that the Foxy arc was short of a break from the Skypiea arc. That Aokiji fight was scary. if Luffy and his friends couldn’t defeat him, the rest admirals are too strong for the crew.

      • Yes. It was like a comic relief after all of those intense battles at Skypiea. It was enjoyable in its own way, but felt too shallow for my taste. Then just like you said, that fight with Aokiji was scary. It turned suddenly dark, foreshadowing the Enies Lobby arc. And oh, speaking of Aokiji, I’m so curious about his current connection with Blackbeard.

      • I am also curious about Aokiji. The only time I heard from him was when he saved Smoker from Doflamingo. I am wondering if he is with Blackbeard or against him. He is a mystery fellow. It would be crazy if he decided to go against the marines and take down Akainu haha.

      • Indeed, but other characters have dropped hints that he’s currently involved with Blackbeard, whatever THAT means. I hope that means he’s doing something against Blackbeard and not WITH him, you know what I mean? I adore his character, and it would dismay me to learn that he’s sided with Blackbeard.

      • I agree, out of the admirals I really like Aokiji and I would hate to find out he sides with him. Besides him, I am also curious about the other supernovas and their alliances.

      • Well, Aokiji follows his own sense of justice and I don’t think his justice will make him “side” with Blackbeard. Maybe if he indeed works together with Blackbeard, I think that’s because the two of them are just using each other for their own goals. I would sure love an update on Aokiji himself. Me, too. I’m curious about the other supernovas, especially after they met with Kaidou. Maybe they’ll work with him? I don’t know.

      • Oh my gosh. I know! Hmmm. All of these anticipation is driving me almost nuts. I’m not a masochist, but I think I turn into one when it comes to ONE PIECE, what with all of these torture and anticipation. XD

      • Oh my…hahaha XD One Piece definitely knows how to tease the fans but I kinda like it. It doesn’t spoil me but it gives me what I want. I guess it’s a drug to me haha.

      • That’s very interesting. Although I would prefer that it would be Luffy to take down Akainu, it would also be interesting to see Aokiji and Akainu clash against each other. They have bad blood between them after they fought at Punk Hazard after all.

      • Yeah after what happened at Punk Hazard I don’t blame them. For all we know there might be some marine soldiers who agree with Aokiji instead of Akainu.

      • I think that there are marines like that. Akainu is too extreme and although the most marines are too extreme in their ideals, there are also marines who are more moral in their idea of justice. Hmmmm. Oh well. I guess it was for the best that Akainu replaced Sengoku because it just upped the antagonism of the marine against the Luffy. Makes the series more exciting.

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