News, News’n and News! Durarara!!x2 Ketsu, Parasyte and Dragon Ball Super


According to Twitter, the third part of Durarara!!x2 will premiere at Japan on January 9, 11:30 PM. The opening song will be played by FLOW with the song “Steppin Out”. The ending song will be performed by PENGUIN RESEARCH and the song will be “Joker ni Yoroshiku (translated as Hello to Joker)”.



Toonami announced that during Thanksgiving weekend, they will do a anime marathon of the horror anime Parasyte. There is also talk about what will replace the anime Michiko & Hatchin, it is unknown but we must be patient.


Dragon Ball Super

With the recent news of Dragon Ball Super joining Toonami Asia, FUNimation spoke up about this announcement. FUNimation stated they have no connection to Toonami Asia and they have yet to do an English translation to the anime.



58 thoughts on “News, News’n and News! Durarara!!x2 Ketsu, Parasyte and Dragon Ball Super

  1. Aah!! I was just talking to someone about Parasyte yesterday! I love it! It’s like an updates version of the manga. I read it during its first serialization in the US and adored it from the start. I have some beers with it–They could’ve taken it much further eh the anime adaptation, but I love it nonetheless. So happy it’s getting a television time slot. Are they dubbing? Ima go look into it now~~

    • They are dubbing, and in my opinion, they do good job on it. I am not one to watch horror anime but after watching the first episode, I got hooked on the story. I need to read the books. I did hear online that the anime could have done better, but it’s still good.

      • Yes! The books are great!! I believe they’re from the nineties, but they certainly stand the test of time. The show just updated everything to the present day, it seemed. I didn’t like Shinichi’s new character design as much before he changes–and Murano had a totally different vibe to me. She seemed way more girly and, well, almost pathetic. I got a very different vibe in the books.

        Only the VA for Migi is a name I recognize… And Uda isn’t even listed!! He’s my favorite 😦

      • Oh really? The pictures from Google images look old and the anime does look really updated. I actually looked at Shinichi and he looks way different than the anime. I guess anime creators wanted a modern version of the series. I have to check out the books eventually.

      • Yeah! And I think it’s a great way to modernize it and pull in a new generation, but if they changed some things, I feel like they could’ve also added more to the story. There were plenty areas that could’ve been expanded upon. I don’t quite know how to say what I mean… I guess– If they are going to take the time and effort to update everything, then why not add more content, too.? It’s already different, and could be made even better. Because they ended with the epilogue, some time later, too, there isn’t really a way to create a second season after the events of the main story.

      • I think I understand what you are saying. If they are going to modernize the story, it would make more sense to improve story content wise and avoid falling for the same mistakes again. I guess it’s kinda like what they did to Fullmetal Alchemist.

      • I guess so. I think back then, just like what you said, they must have been trying to increase the popularity for FMA. Once they finished, they decided to reboot the series and patching up the errors with content from manga. In result, making it better than the previous version. Still, I am not sure and I wish I knew behind all this, it’s a theory. Who knows what the future holds for Parasyte. For now, I am enjoying the series and I have reached episode 6 from Toonami.

      • Yes!! I have been watching the series Love Stage!! on Crunchy, and it’s the first one I’ve ever seen where it follows the manga, but things can be slightly different. Maybe a joke will be added, or we’ll get extra info that the manga didn’t have– Like how two of the secondary characters met, or an extra scene. It’s a fun way to update things while keeping the content canon. I have some issues with the series in general… But this is something they did super right!!

      • It’s just okay overall, and is technically yaoi, so I don’t know how you feel about that… But the way they did the anime was just how I wish they all would be… I’m going to post an article I did on anime adaptations later. Please consider reading it if you have the time! I need to re-edit it after diner before I post. It’s good to leave something and come back to it, in my experience, before committing to publish it.

        I want to write sometime about the weirdness and overall unreality of yaoi sometime… It bugs me how screwed up the relationships can be. I mean– I get it’s women who write mot of the stories and not men, but come on! >.>

      • I am not into yaoi. I am more of a man and woman relationship person. Yeah I should check out your article. Give me heads up, I would like to know your opinion. I sorta see the weirdness of yaoi and it gives me the uncomfortable feeling; this is just my opinion.

      • No worries! I read about all kinds of relationships, myself. And a lot of yaoi seems–for lack of a better word–rapey. I feel like it almost glorifies rape culture, and have found absurdly few stories that aren’t like that. And when it comes down to it, if some of these books find their way into the hands of confused or questioning questioning young people, they shouldn’t think it’s the norm. And it isn’t the norm; it’s also offensive.

        Anyhoo– I finished! Please do look if you have time. I think it came out alright. I wrote it spur-of-the-moment, and when I went back and reread it, it seemed solid… So I posted! Two posts so far this week~

      • Interesting I did not think about it like that. Nice observation. Books like Yaoi can lead to harm if young and confused people get ahold of it. Once I get the time, I will check on what your discussion is about. Thank you for link πŸ™‚

      • Agreed! People think it’s harmless, and is super-accessible, especially if you buy online or live in Japan, where it’s hard to be gay in general. I have similar thoughts about other genres, too… It all depends on the audience.

      • Indeed! I only ever saw negative media and my family often spoke negatively of trans folk, and that’s part of what held me back. Information matters, and so does good role modeling. I hope that makes sense; I’m off to bed!

      • You should! I’ve been reading mixed reviews about it, but I personally like the entire series. Not sure if you’ll like it, but oh well. Anyway, hope you watch it soon. Cheers!

      • Yes! That’s why I can’t wait for its release. But of course, I still don’t watch airing shows except for ONE PIECE, so I’ll have to wait for all episodes of DRRR!! before I watch it. Sigh.

      • Ahaha. My anime watching habits force me to be patient, but that doesn’t mean that like it. That’s true, although I haven’t rewatched DRRR yet. Maybe I will again when this comes out, just to refresh my memory about the story. What other anime are you looking forward next year?

      • I believe just DRRR!! Ketsu. I am always a late bloomer anime viewer hahaha. I am trying to watch old (not ancient old) shows like Angel Beats, or Fate Stay Night. I am not sure what is the upcoming anime are gonna be haha.

      • Aw. That’s fine. I don’t watch airing anime, too. But I like checking out upcoming anime just so that I can put them on my to-watch list. I think I’m also looking forward to Shingeki no Kyojin season 2. I believe they’re going to release it next year. So exciting. Oh, and also I think they’re going to release a ONE PIECE movie next year as well, so I’m looking forward to that.

      • I heard about Attack on Titan season 2. I am looking forward to that. The same goes with the One Piece movie. I wonder Eiichiro Oda will be in charge of the story like the previous films.

      • Me, too. I’m looking forward to both anime. Hmmm. I don’t know. I hope so. I hope that Oda-sensei writes the story and the character designs, too. It would be awesome. I would be more excited if it was like that, but I’ll still watch the movie even if it wasn’t.

      • I am expecting great things from Attack on Titans. Same goes for One Piece. I only seen the 8 movie (Alabasta episode) and haven’t seen the FILMS.
        Nice profile pic πŸ™‚

      • Same here. I wonder up to what point of the manga will AoT season 2 adapt. I hope that it’ll be satisfying. Can’t wait.

        But you watched Strong World, right? How about Z? No?

        Thanks. Just took this picture this afternoon via the window’s reflection.

      • Maybe they might do another 26 episodes. It’s going to be exciting. Unfortunayely I haven’t seen Strong World or Z :-(. Shame on me because I will tell myself I would get these when they come out but there is always another series that get in my way. I am sorry to disappint you.
        The picture looks great, you look pretty.

      • I don’t mind if they do another 25 or 26 episodes. I just hope that they guarantee that they’re going to make season 3 and adapt the rest of the manga. I just with the anime adaptation is like Naruto and ONE PIECE that is continuous and does not make fans wait YEARS for the next season. But I guess it’s okay because the quality of the animation of AoT is superb. The wait is just too long for my taste, though.

        Aw. Why?!!!!! Ahahaha. Strong World & Z are AWE-SOOOOOOOOME!!! You should watch it whenever you have the time. Get your hands on a copy of each of these movies. πŸ˜‰

        Aw, thanks. Although you can’t really see me clearly. . .which is the point why I used this as my profile pic.

      • Yeah I would not mind 25 or 26. It’s not rushed and to slow, just right. If it does get a good reception, it better get a third season for the fans. Do you have a favorite character?
        Okay I will do my best to get both copies. I heard they were really great movies. Do you have a favorite Film?
        Still, it was a good choice for your profile. As long as you like, that is what matters most πŸ™‚

      • Captain Levi! Hands down. He was my anime crush when I watched it. You?

        You should! Hmmm. I think Z, so far. It’s the first movie in the New World, so everyone was just so cool and powerful in that movie. Aokiji also has a major role there. Very cool. The animation is really good. It’s like watching a live-action movie but in 2D, if you know what I mean.

        Thanks! πŸ™‚

      • He is rad! I think it would be Eren because of the Titan form. Besides him, I like Mikasa, she is really syrong and beautiful.
        Z looks cool awesome since it involves the marines. Before I even heard of Film Z, I thought this was going to be a One Piece x Dragon Ball Z movie Lol.
        You’re welcome πŸ™‚

      • Exactly! Now that you mention Mikasa, she’s my second most favourite character in the series. I love how the females in AoT are bad-ass strong. As a female myself, watching this series feels empowering. As for Eren. . .hmmmm. . .he’s cool, I guess. It’s just that there are many times that Levi overshadows him, in my opinion. Levi’s characterization is just too strong. XD

        Oh, speaking of Dragon Ball. Have you watched the special crossover episode of OP, DB, & Toriko?

      • I agree with you, the girls are a force to be reckon. Mikasa and Annie are intimating. Levi really knows how to be tough and suave.
        No I have not. I tried to find it but I could not 😦

      • I know, right? I don’t really watch Toriko so I wasn’t familiar with the characters but I still enjoyed watching that crossover episode. I hope that they make another crossover episode.

      • I don’t follow Toriko as much like One Piece but I agree, I enjoyed it either way. I still need to see the other episodes. I am also if FUNimation will ever Dub the crossover.

      • Well, to be honest, I only watched know about it because of the crossover with ONE PIECE. Made me curious but not curious enough. Hmmmm. But I’m still curious so I’ll watch it. . .eventually.

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