Hey Arnold! TV movie?

Hey Arnold!

It’s been announced that there will be a TV movie to the 90’s Nickelodean show Hey Arnold! where it continues right after the ending in 2004. The TV Movie will answer all the questions regarding to Arnold’s missing parents. So far there is no official date.

8 thoughts on “Hey Arnold! TV movie?

  1. I don’t get your title. Call of Duty is two spots above Clannad on Steam.

    I would never buy a visual novel game for that price. The art style doesn’t appeal to me and the game itself looks like it would be a chore for me to playthrough. I don’t believe I’m going to say this, but I would rather play Call of Duty :].

      • Oh… It just showed up in my news feed about an hour ago :].

        I rarely pay over $40 for a game. Especially on PC since I can usually find whatever I want for under $30 :].

        Asking us to pay that amount of money for a graphic novel game is ridiculous in my opinion :]

      • I took a look at Steam earlier and I see it’s no longer at top. You are right. I might have to change it later. I am gonna wait, it’s not worth it yet.

      • Waiting is smart. It might jump back up there :]. I think the price scared most potential buyers away though.

  2. Glad to see Clannad making an impact on the charts. For many years publishers refused to localize visual novels because they believed there wasn’t a demand for them.

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