Naruto “Next Generation” coutdown

It is been announced on the official Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump website that a countdown has been created for Naruto, author by Masashi Kishimoto, titled “Next Generation”. The site has some of the characters in silhouettes. The countdown will end on December 19 which will also be the same day of the Jump Fiesta convention. The announcement will begin from 3:00-3:30 PM.

What do you think the announcement is? A new anime series? Movie? Manga series?

18 thoughts on “Naruto “Next Generation” coutdown

    • That is the way I see it. They mentioned a while back that it was the end of Naruto’s story. If this a new series, it will probably be about the new generation children. At this rate, it looks like Naruto is going to try be like Dragon Ball. Let’s hope it doesn’t become like GT (GT was a decent anime, but not my favorite).

  1. I like Naruto, but I fell behind and need to catch up. So I’m not a huge fan, but I found it hilarious when people were crying about the manga ending and acting like it’s the end of the world. I knew there’s no way this cash cow is going to quit any time soon.

    I just hope there’s more adventures than being obsessed with dragging a friend back to the village…

    • Well I don’t think is going to be about bring a friend back to the village this time. I am not even sure what to expect. Kishimoto-sensei did say that it was the end of Naruto’s story and a new story is here for the new people.

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