Friday Funny Episode XXXV: May the Force be with You!

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far, away…

There was a world where people witnessed a great phenomena. A man named George Lucas created one of the best Sci-Fi movies in 1977. That movie was called Star Wars. The world was shaken with great cheers and thus created a generation of fans. The movie expanded to six movies in total and each with positive and negative responses. From movies to video games to cartoon shows and a terrible Christmas special, Star Wars created a space legacy. 

It is the year 2015 and a new director named J.J. Abrams along with Disney, revives the classic movie Star Wars. As this new chapter begins, old friends return and new generation of heroes rise up against a new threat: Kylo Ren.

This is a beginning of a new war.

Thank God it’s Friday! Today is episode 35 of Friday Funny and based on the intro music and opening, Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be playing in theaters. Based on what I heard about this movie, this movie has positive reviews and it will appeal new and old fans. If you plan on going, there will be tons of fans in theaters. I advise to be careful and try not to use violence to get the front row seats.

Without a further ado, let’s begin this galactic post!


Star Wars Montage videos!

Other funny Star Wars clips

The end until Episode VIII


17 thoughts on “Friday Funny Episode XXXV: May the Force be with You!

  1. I particularly liked the :most brutal slaughter in cinema history”!! Also the armor!!! And the Star Trek shirt. My mom was trying to be funny and fake-confusing the two on Fake Christmas (Christmas with my family because we’re going to see Husband’s family for a week) and he was going to correct her and I’m just, “DUDE! She’s making a joke! She ACTUALLY KNOWS!!!

    …She knows my Star Wars stuff better than him. You know that Google thing? He thought I was going to pick Sith. *BIG sigh* He also thought I liked Vader better than R2-D2. He also thought I really like Han Solo…..But really I just think Harrison Ford is good-looking…Another fact he got from my Mom when he was wrong. He REALLY struck out this time.. >.> But it was kind of funny to see him flail! 😛 This is a guy who picks out matching sweaters and gets my color right. THERE HAVE TO BE CHINKS IN HOW GOOD HE IS!

    Lastly, I’ve seen C-3PO doing that before, but it’s still funny the millionth time~ 😉

    • Wow that is funny. I choose the light side of the force haha. Harrrison Ford is a great actor and I like him with Chewbacca. I have carefully chose these pictures and saved them for this occasion.

      • It was a great movie. I bet this is what people felt when they saw the Star Wars for the first time. I can’t wait to see what happens next on Episode 8.

      • Same!

        Alsoooo– Funny story:D

        I hadn’t realized how old the originals were till I was in my teens. They reshowed them at a theatre near me and before the prequel trilogy came out, so I thought I was just seeing them in the theatre as a kid!

      • I heard about that and they showed all six films at Hollywood before Episode 7. Personally, after watching the new film, I imagine this was the same feeling when people saw A New Hope. The first Star Wars movie I saw in theaters was Episode 3.

      • Awesome!! It’s always great to see a favorite on the big screen.. I feel lucky that my parents let us see all of them at our young ages! Just checked it– I would’ve been eight for Episode 1. It really is as though they were trying to drag in the new ones.

      • That’s pretty cool. My brother and sisters favorite Episode is 3. We like the drama and the epic fights. We pretty much can remember the lines XD.

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