Saturday News!

Even though I usually wait after the weekend for posting news but this something that popped up and must share:

One Piece

FUNimation announced yesterday that they will be streaming the new One Piece Special – Adventure of Nebulandia today.  It will be simulcasted on Sunday night and the special will start in Fuji TV from 9-11:10 PM E.S.T.

one piece foxy special


In Jump Fiesta, Shonen Jump announced that there will be an anime adaptation to light novels of Itachi Uchiha in 2016. The novel is titles Naruto – Itachi Shinden


Boruto News

There are three news but I will compile into one.

Now with the countdown finished, it has been announced that there will be a new Boruto manga. Masashi Kishimto (original creator of Naruto) will be supervising the manga. Kishimoto sensei will be doing a special one-shot manga of Boruto in spring 2016 and English publisher Viz will add it to the digital magazine.