Toonami news: One Piece marathon

Just like the previous Dragon Ball Z Kai marathon, on December 26 (Christmas weekend), Toonami will be having another anime marathon but this time it is the anime One Piece. This is a way to end 2015 and the original schedule will return on January 2nd in 2016. There will be showing episodes 320 to 326, the epilogue to the Enies Lobby and beginning of the Ice Hunter filler arc.


52 thoughts on “Toonami news: One Piece marathon

      • I agree. I’ll probably write a post about it when I’m not feeling lazy. 😉
        It was good, but kind of lukewarm, I guess. Hope you get to watch the entire episode soon.

      • Indeed. It was OK. That’s the keyword. OK. Not “awesome”, not “incredible”, not “amazing”, unfortunately. I’m kind of disappointed to be honest, but please don’t get influenced by my opinions before you even get to watch it. Perhaps you’ll like it better than I did. I’m really looking forward to Film Gold this coming year. I’m literally keeping an eye for any new trailers made. The one they showed during the episode special this month didn’t reveal much. Looked a bit 3D, though. I don’t know.

      • Interesting. Don’t worry, I will speak with my voice on it. If you see any trailers of Film Gold, let me know because I am really curious about it :D.

      • Yeah you are right. Maybe it involves a devil fruit user and having the ability to turn things into gold or could be a logia user. Either way, looks like gold will be the central theme.

      • You may be right, but we can’t say anything for sure especially when Oda-sensei sounds like he’s going to be actively involved in the film as one of the main producers. All we can do is speculate which is fun in its own way. By the way, I just read a post earlier about the growing hype about Sanji’s “Alive Only” bounty poster. It seems that Oda-sensei will be revealing more info about it in the upcoming chapters just after new year. I can’t wait.

      • Yeah looks like we will have to wait for more news. Oda can surprise us. We might see Gear 4 again. I can’t wait to see Sanji again. I miss that cook.

      • I’m not too fond of Gear 4 to be honest. My favourite’s Gear 2. Looked the most bad-ass with all of those steam. I wonder if there’s going to be Gear 5. I think there will. I hope it will be the most bad-ass of all.

      • Really? Ahahah. But he was already “King Kong” at Gear 4. Can’t wait to see what a Monkey King looks like according to Oda-sensei (if this speculation proves to be right). We’ll see.

      • Maybe. Well, Gear 4 had a huge side-effect like Gear 3 when it was still undeveloped. Losing your Haki for a few minutes? I cringed when I read it We’ll see what happens with Gear 5.

      • Maybe Gear 5 will make Luffy use all 3 Haki powers in exchange for his rubber powers. That is what I assume haha. Sorry to change subject but I finished the One Piece Foxy Special, it was pretty decent.

      • Oh my gosh. That’s a great idea. I wonder up to what number the Gear techniques would be. Urgh. I can’t wait.

        I know, right? If I remember correctly, my exact description was “OK”. Yours sounds nicer with “decent”. Oh well. It was still entertaining regardless.

      • Personally, I figured Luffy would win but I enjoyed the suspense. Foxy was kinda funny in his role.
        For Gear 5, that is what I imagined since the Gear 4 heavily relied on the Armament Haki. If Gear 5 does use Haki, it might use that and along with Observation.

      • Ahahaha. I know, right? For once, Zoro and Sanji were useless. The weaklings and the cowards in the crew are the ones that shined. I liked that aspect. The villain this time didn’t have much of an oomph. And I agree that Foxy was funny. I liked his role in the episode special.

        Hmmmm. Interesting. Well, we’ll just have to see. I wanted a Gear that is mostly based with Haoshoku Haki. That would be awesome.

      • It was a twist for Zoro and Sanji to become weak. I was mostly shocked when Luffy said no to meat. My eyes widen 0_0. Yeah I kinda agree with the bad guy. He didn’t do much action until the end.
        If there is a Gear 5, I hope it would be better than 4. If it’s another expansion ability, Luffy might pop like a balloon XD.

      • Yes. It was a very interesting turn of events, but I think that it was awesome that the “weak and coward” members of the crew had the chance to shine by themselves.

        Well, it is Gear 5, so it’s expected that it’ll be better than 4. We’ll see. Ahahaha! I don’t think that’s going to happen. The other Straw Hats won’t let him pop like a balloon. They have Chopper, he’ll heal Luffy right away if he got injured and Nami’ll bitch at him for being stupid again.

      • I totally agree with you. I felt that the special helped bring attention to minor characters especially with Foxy.
        I don’t think we will see Gear 5 anytime soon but then again, Oda-sensei did introduce Gear 2 and 3 in one arc. I agree with you with Chopper and Nami. Chopper will heal him and Nami would shout and beat him up XD.

      • Good point. Although I think that Luffy should improve his Gear 4 first and minimize its side-effects before he shows us his Gear 5. That would make more sense, in my opinion.

      • Hmmmm. Maybe, but if Oda-sensei used the shrinking side-effect again, it might feel repetitive. I wonder up to what number of gear will Luffy have under his belt until he finds ONE PIECE.

      • I can hardly wait. Oda-sensei can be a tease. Luffy is going to need help when facing Blackbeard, the other 4 Emperors and the World Government.

      • He’s a great tease, but that’s what we love about him. He reveals only a little at the beginning and then it turns out to be such a big deal with the revelation. You’re right. I also wonder when Jinbe is going to join up with them. I’m betting that he’s going to be the next Straw Hat.

      • I forgot about him. I believe he will show up once the story gets serious or when even Luffy and Law can not handle a foe. He might show up when facing Kaido or Big Mam or will join up and face Blackbeard.

      • I’ve been waiting for him to show up since they separated at Fishman Island. Can’t wait for them to meet up with him and become officially a Straw Hat. To be honest, I’m so confused about the latest chapters right now. I’m, like, what the heck’s going on? But of course I can’t help but be curious and discover how everything’s going to make sense.

      • The last time I heard from him was those chapter series and he was helping the sea creatures.
        Knowing One Piece, when something is ambiguous, it will most likely be something important for the future.

      • Exactly. I was hoping that after those mini-cover series, he’ll meet up with the crew. But then it ended and replaced with the mini-cover series about the crew’s bounties circulating to their hometowns. I wish he could meet up with them sooner. Ahahaha. You’re right about that. That’s what I love about ONE PIECE. Oda-sensei loves leaving clues that seems insignificant at first but then actually is important later on.

      • Yeah I was thinking about that too. It would make sense to join Luffy after the little misadventure but I guess Oda-sensei has other plans. Still, if he does join forces. That would mean an ex warlord, a warlord (Law), and Straw Hat would be much powerful than before.

      • I just wish that the anime will show their hometowns’ reactions to their bounties. They did that with the mini-arc with Coby & Helmeppo meeting up with Garp earlier in the series. Oh my gosh. I just can’t wait for Jinbe to catch up with them. I wonder what he’s doing now, if he’s headed to Big Mom or to the crew or maybe they’ll just all meet together at the same time.

      • I miss Coby and Helmeppo. They should do some filler episodes with the reactions, I would like to see it in motion. Maybe Jimbei might show up sooner than we think. He might show up unexpected, especially when the recent chapter’s shocking truth of Sanji.

      • I agree! I have a feeling they’re going to do filler episodes after the Dressrosa Arc since it’s been going on for quite some time now and we need a break from all of those serious stuff. We’ll see what kind of fillers they’re going to do.

        As for Jinbe, hmmmmmm. I want him to show up sooner, but the recent chapters have been bombarding us with new information here and there that I’m honestly having a hard time keeping up. I had to read them more than once and to really think back to understand and form plausible speculations.

      • I don’t remember exactly but they did do fillers after every arc like after Fish-men island and Punk Hazard. They might do another one after Dressrosa.
        Maybe you are right, it’s probably too soon for Jimbei to show up now. We still need to process the new info on Sanji hahaha.

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