One Lovely Blog Award by Ignite18

I want to thank ignite18 of Marvelously Mismatched for choosing me for this One Lovely Blog Award. Thank you for nominating me, I appreciate it ^_^

Da rules:


*I will try to reach 15 nominees.

7 facts about me

1. My family and I favorite football team is the Oakland Raiders

Okland Raiders

2. I read Weekly Shonen Jump magazine and listen to the podcasts. I read and interact with many subscribers on Mondays.

3. When I was little, I did not like the sight of violence and blood would always scare me.

4. On every Christmas, my family would make tamales. We would make so many that we share them to friends and family and eat them often.


5. My brother and I enjoy Star Wars so much that we can memorize any quote and scene from the movies.

6. Besides Nintendo, I prefer Playstation than Xbox.

7. I have a habit of worrying about any little thing. I also tend to worry about others that I can sometimes feel it. Sometimes, I feel it is just the paranoia.


1 shiroyuni – thelimitlessimagination

2 NEETaku – Just… My 2 Cents

3 moonshinezodiac – Season Memories

4 Kausus – Otaku Gamer Zone

5 aniplays – The Otaku Lifestyle

6 regina5000 – Diversion3000

7 jiraiyan – Otaku Orbit

8 drakulus23 – Drakulus

9 mirrorpurple – 紫鏡の天国

10 lifewithlilred – Life is better in red

11 Overwhelmed by Joy – Choosing Joy, whatever life brings

12 Windmills of My Mind

13 DriggerV – New Sekai

14 Unlocking The Magic

15 Rabia – A touch of Everything

If you wish to do this award post, you don’t have to find 15 nominees. I realize that finding 15 can be difficult and you don’t have to do this. You can even post less than 15.

Now that I am done, I hope you enjoy reading my facts.


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