Episode 37: Happy New Years!

TGIF and a Happy New Years! We made to the new year and it is time to say goodbye to 2015. As we 2016, let us be prepare for new change whether it be good or bad. If we ever come across an obstacle, we should not be scared and give up, me must stand up against them and win. This new year will be a beginning of a new start. Time to select New Game Plus. As for me, I will do my best to continue blogging and I will try to interact with everyone that visits my blog. I also plan to do some changes in my site to keep it organize and start fresh.

With that said, this TGIF will be different because the pictures and gifs will be from past episodes! New episode and season will begin next Friday. Enjoy 🙂

1. TGIFriday everyone!!!

2.  Cartoon Funny Pictures


3. 3rd Time the charm! Here is more funny stuff!


4. Super Arcade Ultra Edition


5. Memorial Day Weekend Special


6. 9 + 10 = 21


7. Effective Power *resets*


8. Dinosaur Edition… Clever Girl


9. Finals are over, but vacation has begun.


10. not sure if pronounced gif or jif


11. Happy 4th of July Weekend


12. Holy Smokes Batman!


13. Ant-sized weekend!


14. Only 1 to 175M chance that this post is funny


15. Revenge is a dish best served cold


16. Believe it!



17. Everything must go!


18. The “S” word


19. This is Sparta!


20. More Spider-Man Pictures! Labor Day Weekend!


21. 50% Disney + 50% Square Enix = Kingdom Hearts


22. Goodbye Summer…


23. Sandwich-kun or Titans?


24. I’m Batman!


25. Happy Birthday Naruto! Never Had a friend like you!


26. It’s Finally Friday


27. Welcome to Beacon Academy! Won’t cost an and a leg!


28. Happy Halloween!


29. November Already? Good Grief!


30. Anime is for Children!


31. The Girl on Fire!


32. Happy Belated-Thanksgiving!


33. Bah Humbug!


34. Twas the Night Before Christmas


35. May the Force be with You!


36. Merry Christmas!

me in Christmas

37. Happy New Years!

squidward new years

Before I say bye, I want to say thank everyone for being with me throughout of 2015. I had my ups and downs in this year but I knew , no matter what happens, I can always feel at peace when I am here talking to you guys. For this year, let’s stay connected and continue on blogging. I will be here if you need me. So once again, thank you and I love all of you guys 🙂

Thank you, God Bless you and let’s begin 2016 together! ^_^

20 thoughts on “Episode 37: Happy New Years!

  1. That bookmark is pretty sick, though it’s just another reminder that I still need to read >.< And YES, we never disappoint our Lady Satsuki. Try harder next time.
    Earliest freakin' TGIF ever, Matt, but totally worth it XDD
    Happy 2016 🙂

    • Thanks. These are pretty good ones and I hope to make more episodes really funny than before. This was the earliest post I have ever done XD. Happy 2016 to you to!

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