Gurren Lagann Project is revealed!

Remember the huge project announcement of Gurren Lagann in December 21?

gurren lagann screen-shot-2015-12-21-at-6.39.46-pm

The project is finally announced and it’s NOT an anime or movie such sort. It is actually new sets of pachinko machines for Japan. Each one has a design of the “Gurren Lagann” and “Lazengann” . These will be available in Japan along with the other pachinko machines in February.

Friday Funny episode 38: TGIFriday Everyone 2.0!

Like the title says above, Thank God it’s Friday! Today is the first Friday of January and it is time we begin 2016 with something to laugh about. This is the 38th episode of TGIF: Friday Funny and it is the season premiere of season 2. If you enjoyed this, check out my past episodes and share them to others. This week is the last week of my winter break and after this weekend, I have to go back to school. Just like last quarter, I might be busy on my studies again but I will try to continue blogging and staying touch with everyone. As we continue to get adjusted for the new year, this year will have many surprises. Let’s make 2016 better thank 2015! Enough of me babbling and let’s start!

I will end this with two videos. The first is Taylor Swift’s song “Blank Space” and the second video is “Blank Page” a parody song by NateWantsToBattle. Enjoy

Bye and have a wonderful day!