The Versatile Blogger Award


  • Display the award on your blog. 
  • Thank the person who nominated you and put a link to their blog. 
  • Share 7 things about yourself.
  • Nominate 15 or more bloggers and let them know you nominated them.

I want to thank regina5000 of Diversion3000 for choosing me for the Versatile Blogger Award! Thank you and I appreciate this offer 🙂

  1. My family and I used to follow the sport news and games of the Oakland Raiders and Los Angeles Lakers. Now we just focus on Raiders
  2. I like Pokemon but I never played the classic games Pokemon Red, Blue or Yellow. How ironic…
  3. Out of all the Street Fighter games I played, I played Street Fighter 1, 2 and all the Alpha series.
  4. My favorite color is blue. My other back up colors are white, black and gold.
  5. One of my favorite TV shows in Nick Jr. when I was very little was Blues Clues and and Franklin. I was sad when Steve left for college.


  1. Dr. Slater
  2. cutiecake4321
  3. Rose Regine
  4. taigareview
  5. Lindsay @ The Love Bungalow
  6. One Stop for all EnterTainmenT
  7. The Pantless Anime Blogger
  8. Ocean
  9. Citrus Anime Reviews
  10. Mekakushi Megane
  11. Dale Hendricks
  12. Anime Introvert
  13. madreceiver
  14. mypersonalteenlife
  15. Jamie

Welp, that is all folks. Thanks for reading my first Versatile Blogger Award post. Bye ^^

I forgot about number 6 and 7

6. I am in my fourth year in college

7. I still watch SpongeBob 🙂

19 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award

  1. I just saw that New 3DS Pokemon special edition console that comes with Red and Blue installed. So cool. I actually had 2 Game Boys back in the day so I could trade with myself. Yellow was awesome with Pikachu following you around.

      • Even better, I had a Game Genie, plus there was the Missingno glitch. I loved getting my level 10 Mew with my Game Genie. So excited that Mew is going to be available this year on the new games. It’s so cute!

      • I never got Mew in any of the games 😦
        I heard about the Missingno glitch and I heard about the Game Genie. My dad would use it for Super Mario World.

  2. You sound like an awesome guy ^_^ Thanks for nominating me, even though I kinda forgot about my blog heh. I love pokemon, but have never played one of the games. Every time I go to buy one, I’m either broke or in the middle of another game, haha!

      • There are just so many! I have no idea where to start! I’ve played Kingdom Hearts, Ni No Kuni, Epic Mickey, Final Fantasy X…there are just so many good games out there haha! I’m saving up to get Legend of Legacy and Stella Glow at the moment, maybe I’ll get a Pokemon game too. Who knows 🙂

      • I love Epic Mickey. The story was great and I love playing as Mickey Mouse. I like that and Kingdom Hearts. I need to play some Final Fantasy games lol.

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    • Thanks Takuto for dropping by 🙂
      Blue has been favorite because it reminds me of Sonic the Hedgehog. I also like Gold because of the Super Saiyan hair from DBZ and I recently got a gold Samsung Galaxy S6 phone at December. Black and white reminds me of light and darkness hahaha 😛

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