Sword Art Online movie borrows from Marvel movie

In recent news, anime director Tomohiko Ito informs that the upcoming Sword Art Online movie will have many new characters and some that are periphery , or outer limits of area, from the novels. It is also mentioned, that the plot will borrow elements from the Marvel movie Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Anime director Tomohiko Ito and character designer Shingo Adachi reunite to make an anime film of Reki Kawahara’s light novel Sword Art Online. The film will be taking place after the Mother Rosario arc, after Sword Art Online II. Ito, who is also working on the anime ERASED, mentions that the film is storyboarded and the completion of it’s scenario.


8 thoughts on “Sword Art Online movie borrows from Marvel movie

    • That is okay if you haven’t seen it. All you need to know is that they will try to add many characters for this movie. I won’t spoil Age of Ultron for you 😉

    • I hope that doesn’t happen XD. To be honest, I can see Kirito and Iron Man a resemblance. If it does, I can see Yui turning into Ultron lol. Still, if they are going use this as model for the movie, they might add tons of characters or the story may lead up to something greater in the anime, something like the Alicization arc.

  1. I love SAO, but I don’t watch the Avengers or other Marvel Comics movies very closely. How will we know when the Ultronmovie is being referred to, so we can wink accordingly?

    What if there is an anime Stan Lee cameo in SAO. Will we elbow nudge our movie companion close and say “Haaahhh …told ya”.
    : )

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