FUNimation anime licenses expire!

FUNimation has recently made an announcement that on February 8th, the anime Baccano! will stop streaming. The anime is based on Ryogo Narita’s light novel, he also did the series Duarara!!. In the forum, the license for the anime is expiring.

In other news, this anime, FUNimation previously announced they also lost the license for home video and streaming of two other anime, Darker than Black and Air TV series.

8 thoughts on “FUNimation anime licenses expire!

  1. That’s a big title to lose. I never got into any of the anime listed above, but that’s definitely too bad for the fans. Hopefully they will be able to watch it one last time before resorting to the unofficial sites. Nothing beats official streaming.

    • I don’t much about Darker than Black but I heard Baccano! and Air. This bad news to hear. Well, I guess it’s time for fans to quickly buy these anime before it goes away. I heard that Darker than Black and Baccano will get licensed by Aniplex of America.

  2. Maybe the developers want fans to buy the dvd. I actually have dvd copies of Baccano and darker than black. In other words , they’re being sold in the market. Maybe the developers and authors of the animes are not earning as much.

  3. This is one flaw with streaming anime. Re-watching older shows legally can be tough. Once the streaming rights are lost what do you do? Buying the DVDs may not be an option as the release will be out of print.

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