One Piece – Adventure of Nebulandia review


Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hats continue their adventure in the New World. Along the way, they get drawn into a revenge match of a Davy Back Fight by the Foxy Pirates led by Foxy. The Foxy Pirates have added three new subordinates; Komei as a military tactician, Dojaku, and Kansho. Ignoring his crew’s objection, Luffy accepts the challenge to a Davy Back Fight.

minor spoilers


In this special episode, the Straw Hat Crew once again gets tangled into another crazy situation but this time, an old rival makes a reappearance, Foxy and the Foxy Pirates. Like it mentioned in the synopsis above, The Foxy Pirates return and they new crew members Komei, Dojaku and Kansho. They are back and this time, they want revenge on Luffy and his crew ever since they lost at Long Ring Long Land. As Luffy and his friends accept the challenge, they go through the first challenge, eating mushrooms from Mushroom Island (the contest in which they are taking place). However, the story takes a sudden turn when the mushrooms contain a side effect that drains the motivational spirit (like Perona’s powers) and the ones who ate it are Zoro, and Sanji (Luffy as well but gets cure fast), and Porche and Hamburg. It turns out the mushroom was a set up by Komei and he tricks Foxy into joining the crew to capturing the Straw Hat crew; Komei is actually a Marine Vice Admiral and Strategist, and Dojaku is Shipwright. In order to save their friends, Luffy and Foxy team up to find the antidote to curing and their friend’s lack of spirit and fight through the Marines at the island Nebulandia, an island that nullifies Devil Fruit users abilities.

When I first heard about this special, I thought this anime was going to focus on Foxy and his plot to get revenge on Luffy, but I was mistaken. Still, it was pretty interesting to see him again and meet Luffy’s new members like Franky and Brook. Based on the poster ad, I thought this was going to be like a special Davy Back Fight with new members. I like how this story takes an unexpected turn for both sides for the pirates and forcing them to work together against the marines. The story does a good job on adding plot twists that creates obstacles for both Straw Hat and Foxy Pirates.


Personally on the characters, especially on the new characters Komei, Dojaku and Kansho, I felt that the only one that was interesting was the leader Komei. Komei actually had the more screen time out the members and he was interesting antagonist. I felt he was almost like Sosuke Aizen from Bleach with all the traps he made on the pirates but it with a little more humor. He may not be a powerhouse like Doflamingo or Akainu but I think he is a very dangerous antagonist who knows how to use quick thinking skills. Another thing I like about this special was the attention on the other characters. I really like Foxy in this special because I see him as comedy relief and he is actually not a bad guy when he works with Luffy, he is pretty helpful. Besides him, his crew gets some attention too along with Straw Hat. We see them cooperating with their rival as they both go against Komei.


There not much to say on the art, Toei still did the art as usual. One of the things they added is at the near end of the anime where they included CGI effects. It could be an up or down, but I didn’t mind it.


This “Adventure” was pretty fun to watch. It is not the best special nor the worse, it’s pretty fair and decent. This anime shared the spotlight on the protagonist’s minor characters and the main villain was pretty interesting. Personally, I felt that this special could have been added in the anime as a filler. It wasn’t a Episode special like “Episode of Sabo” or wasn’t a important anime special like “3D2Y”. Overall, it is fun special. You can watch this for free at Crunchyroll.

18 thoughts on “One Piece – Adventure of Nebulandia review

  1. You beat me!! Ahahaha. You ended up posting your review before me. I’ve been too lazy. Unfortunately, like I told you before, I wasn’t that enthusiastic about this episode special. I think it applies to writing the review as well. Sigh. But I will get to it when I’m in the mood. Good post. It’s very brief and to the point. I’ll probably just babble endlessly in mind when I do get to write it.

    P.S. I agree with you about the main antagonist in this special.

    • Hahaha, I guess I did beat you. Just like you, I wasn’t excited compared to Episode of Sabo or 3D2Y. Still, it was a decent special to kill some time. The main antagonist was unique and funny with his traps.
      I can’t wait to see your review on it πŸ™‚

      • I just created a draft for the post. If I’m not feeling too lazy, I might write and post it soon. Not really going to pressure myself. But I guess seeing you post your Nebulandia review before me is making me want to post mine too. πŸ˜‰

      • Ahaha. I wish I could say the same. I just felt lazy. Good thing that I can afford not to post as frequently now unlike when I just started my blog. Once a week’s okay, I guess. And thank goodness for the Schedule function. We’ll see about my review. I’m actually feeling excited again in writing that review, maybe this February, we’ll see because the latest Sanji revelation got me going. Have you heard?

      • I agree, it’s a good thing we have the schedule function. At least you are taking things easy. I read the recent chapter and I am surprised about what to Sanji. First it was his name and now this, I wonder how will Luffy and his friends will help him.

      • I can’t wait to know more about Sanji’s history. And of course I can’t wait to watch it in anime. Sanji’s seiyuu will be having more screentime during this Zou arc, that’s for sure. Unlike the Dressrosa arc when he barely appeared at all.

      • Oh yeah true. We will finally get to see more on the Straw Hats and Sanji. Who knows, maybe this arc will focus solely on Sanji and Luffy won’t need to fight any tough leader.

      • Hmmmm. That would be interesting, but I don’t want that. I want Luffy and the rest of the crew to all fight. It’s awesome to know more about Sanji, but I don’t want the series to just focus on him. I’ll have withdrawal symptoms if I don’t get to see Zoro and Chopper regularly.

      • Even if Luffy and his friends do get involved with Sanji’s dilemma, I don’t think it’s going to be easy. Luffy is already picking a fight with Big Mom and these two are not friendly. This will not be like Whitebeard. I am hoping this time we get to see some action with Nami, Chopper and Brook in this arc. They have been absent since Dressrosa.

      • Ahahaha! Exactly. But there has never been an easy fight with the major villains of each arc for the crew. Speaking of Big Mom, I’m not sure if we’ve discussed about this before but do you think it’s possible that the “mama” Lola was speaking about during the Thriller Bark is Big Mom? Do you remember Lola, the hippo zombie who befriended Nami during the Thriller Bark Arc. She did give Nami the Vivre Card of her “mama”. Hmmm.

      • I remember Lola from the Thriller Back Ark. I remember she said that her mama was somewhere at the Grandline. I keep hearing of rumors that Big Mom and Lola are somewhat connected. Maybe she will come across the gang again.

      • Well, the way she calls her mother “mama” is the same way Big Mom’s “children” refer to her. I hope that our speculations regarding Lola are correct. That would be awesome. And perhaps because Lola and the Straw hats are friends, Big Mom would end up being an ally. We’ll see how things turn out.

      • That’s true, she does call her mother “mama”. Maybe Lola is actually part of her crew, kinda like how Whitebeard had many pirate crew in his family. I would actually be surprised if Big Mom became an ally. It would make things easy for Luffy and probably help against Kaido.

      • And don’t forget Shanks! Oh my gosh. I’m getting so excited. I have a feeling that they’re all going to be involved in the upcoming mega-war that Oda-sensei has been hinting at. Just imagine, IF Big Mom becomes an ally, it’s going to be the Straw Hats-Shanks’ Crew-Big Mom Crew VS. Kaidou Crew-Blackbeard Crew (maybe?). We’ll see. And oh, let’s not forget the other allies the Straw Hats made in the past, especially at Dressrosa.

    • Well technically it did take a toll on him but thanks to one of the crew members, he was able to recover from the effects from an antidote. It would make sense for Luffy not to be affected but then again, he is a big eater :]

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