3-Day Quote Challenge (2/3)

  1. Post one quotation a day for three days (they can be from other sources or one of your own).
  2. Nominate 3 other bloggers to participate per post.
  3. Thank the blogger who nominated you.

Thank you charliiandmeg. This is day 2 of the 3-Day Quote challenge! I present the second quote.

pokemon meowth movie quote

When I was little, I did not understand the main issue of the movie, Pokemon: the First Movie. Now looking back, this movie was dealt with many important themes and there were some parts that hit me like a brick. Meowth, does have a point in this scene. Instead of looking at someone and trying to see what’s the difference, we should try to look at what we have in common. We are not so different than we appear.





18 thoughts on “3-Day Quote Challenge (2/3)

      • Yeah I like it! 😀 Though I would never have guessed it was from Pokemon! Goes to show that even kid’s anime have their hidden depths, though most of their target audience probably wouldn’t even catch these things xD

      • Glad to hear that ^^. This is from the first movie and I believe that this in particular has some deep moments. When I was little, I didn’t know what was he talking about haha.

      • Haha I bet if I watched it when I was little, I probably wouldn’t even remember that this scene occurred. Though, its too bad I didn’t watch much Pokemon, just played some of the games haha.

      • For me it’s the other way around. I seen the show more than the games. I believe the first Pokemon games I played was the trading card game on the gameboy and the Stadium games on the Nintendo 64.

      • I didn’t get that far in the card game, I had no idea on how to play haha. My first Pokemon game from the series I used to play was Pearl on the DS. I had a great time on it.

      • Oh I did try Pearl once, but I think I gave up halfway. I see! I am really not too familiar with other generations of Pokemon myself. Just the Emerald and Firered/Leafgreen generations. Ah, the childhood memories~ sometimes I have an urge to go back because Pokemon is one of the easiest but fun games ever :p

      • I wish Pokemon went back to the first 151 Pokemon like before. I stopped playing after Pearl. It would be awesome if Nintendo made some mega collection game where you play the past generation games in one haha.

      • You’re right, I miss all the old generations. The new generation Pokemon are a little too … new for me? I think that’s my nostalgia talking haha.
        That’s actually a pretty cool idea. They should release something like that because I am sure we aren’t the only ones missing the previous generations. xD I’ll probably buy it lol.

      • I agree with you with the new generation Pokemon. I can’t catch up with the new Pokemon and I find it trouble to remember the names and appearances. It was hard enough to remember the ones from Kanto and Johto XD. It would be cool maybe if they combined the games where after you complete the first region, your character can go to the next one. If that happened, I would buy it it also. Now that’s how you catch them all.

      • Exactly. Even after playing the games the new generations don’t leave that much of a lasting impression. Oh yes then it’s like having multiple adventures one after another, and then having elite fours that are better than the previous. Tbh I always feel crestfallen after battling the Elite Four once lol, cos it feels like the end of the game already >< Hehe yep, so we don't have to rely on trading just to catch 'em all xD

      • I will admit, the Mega Evolutions are impressive in the new generations. Other than that, I am totally lost in the new Pokemon. The Elite Four had the greatest fights but too bad you can’t fight them again :/. Trading Pokemon was tough for me because you needed two games and another device. The anime makes it look easy XD

      • Haha I always stopped short of completing the Pokedex because there’s always a shortage of devices and games in my small social circle and it was simply too hard to find Pokemon that uni needed. Well technically you could fight them again but it doesn’t hold the same meaning xD haha I remember glimpsing abit of the anime, I always thought it was radically different from how the games were structured lol.

      • Barely got all the Pokemon in my Pokedex before fighting the Elite 4. It is always tricky. Once you fight them more than once, you are already strong and feel more like regular trainers haha.

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