Rightstuf news: 5 Dollar deals! (Update!)

I know that this Daiyamanga’s job to post anime and manga deal news but I just wanted to share this piece of info; sorry krystallina.

Yesterday, Rightstuf announced that there are four anime series from Sentai Filmworks that costs only 5 dollars! $5! Here is the anime of the Elite Four:

Fate/Stay Night Complete Collection DVD

Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya DVD

Girls und Panzer Complete TV series DVD

Towanoquan Blu-Ray

The sale will continue until February 22nd. Which series will you buy? I already placed an order on Fate/Stay Night ^^

2/10/15 Update

Rightstuf announced that more anime is being added to the deals; however, instead of 5 dollars, select DVDs and Blu-Rays will be either $7.50 or $10.00.

DVDs for $5


AKBOO48: Next Stage


Ghost Hound Collection 1

Shinobi Complete Collection


Persona 4 collection 2

Blu-Ray $10


AKOO48: Next Stage


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