Friday Funny Episode 44: Down, Down-Right, Right and Punch!

Cue the music

TGIF! Thank God it’s Friday! It’s Friday everybody and we are in the middle of February! Valentines is over and so is President’s Day. As far I know, there is no more holidays in February and even though we are in winter, the weather is starting to feel like spring in California. Ever since the Marvel movie Deadpool was released in theaters last week, it made over $135 million on the box office and defeating last year’s record which was Fifty Shades of Grey and it earned $85.2. Tomorrow on Toonami, Akame ga Kill! will be entering its final episode and replacing the anime will be the new upcoming Dimension W.

Now that I took care of the news, this post is dedication to the newly released game Street Fighter V. The series is back with returning and new characters and I believe that Capcom actually did something correct. The DLC will be free and to unlock characters, you need to fight and earn “in-game” money. Now with that finished, it’s time to begin!

 To end this post, I will do a top 5 on moments where Guiles’ theme goes with everything. Guile’s theme originated from Street Fighter II and his theme has been quite popular and is often used in YouTube videos. Some make moments epic while it also makes them silly. Anyway, here some music to pump you up (no particular order).

Go home and be a family man (or woman) 🙂


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