IBM Japan Announces Sword Art Online Virtual Reality Project


IBM Japan has announced Sword Art Online: The Beginning, a virtual reality project that aims to realize the world of the popular Sword Art Online light novel series.

Rather than use a controller, the game will be played by moving your body. Reki Kawahara, creator of the Sword Art Online series, calls it “completely different from any game experience so far.”

The project uses a a next-generation computing system called the “Cognitive System” that supports human decision-making, as well as “SoftLayer,” IBM’s high performance cloud system that produces the ambiance of a real world.

At the official website , IBM are taking applications  until March 4 for a prototype alpha test to be held between March 18 and 20 in Tokyo. A total of 208 applicants will be accepted.

(Source: Gematsu )

This is the start of the future gaming technology! Maybe someday near the future, technology will evolve and…

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98 thoughts on “IBM Japan Announces Sword Art Online Virtual Reality Project

      • Nice idea you have there. Hopefully they don’t get too suspicious haha. If it fails, I may have to ask for the application for my birthday, it will be my early birthday gift bwahahaha!

      • Yeah, I have a back up-plan for my back-up plan XD. If things get desperate, just send in a letter to request the application with $20 dollars in it and hope they accept it. I just want to go to Aincrad and relieve Sword Art Online.

      • If that doesn’t work, Plan C is to fly there and bang on their doors …. perhaps. xD Me too, I have always wanted to try the Nervegear type of technology and immerse myself in a gaming world. Anything close to it helps 🙂

      • Nice plan you have their. It would be awesome to have the Nervegear. It’s only a matter time until someone actually makes one or make the AmuSphere.

      • I want to leave too, take me with you XD! Who knows, it could be sooner. We have the Oculus Rift and YouTube does the 360 videos. It could happen any moment. I hope nobody install the pain simulation 0_0.

      • Haha okay :3 Just don’t tell the rest of ’em shhhh xD That is true. It could be reality in a few years. Though I think for the ‘full’ experience, the pain simulation may possibly be installed. Maybe it’ll just be an option that comes with a big fat disclaimer or something :3

      • I think it’s too late since this is already up online, I don’t think we can keep it a secret anymore XD. I will try to keep it between us. Unfortunately, I will have to agree about the experience part. If you want to feel like SAO, you gotta go through the same trials like the anime. Maybe we can try Asuna’s sandwiches 😛

      • That’s true. Every single one of your stalkers would know this, even if you don’t say a single word yourself. :p
        I don’t mind going through it if I had Kirito’s OP talent. 😀 I would love to try Asuna’s cooking as well. That would be the silver lining in the cloud of pain xD

      • You know what they say about online, once something is posted, it stays there XD. Definitely agree with you on Kirito’s skills. Number one thing to have in the game. Just looking at Kirito eating those sandwiches makes me hungry. I wish I had a wife like Asuna that can cook something like that :p

      • Haha yeah, unfortunately for us xD
        Asuna also cooked a whole of stuff as well didn’t she? Though my memory fails me as of now :p Hehe, all the more reason for you to go to Japan (and/or Asia). I heard Japanese wives/girls have cooking skills like that ingrained into them xD

      • Yeah I think she did. She did mastered cooking. I want a Japanese wife to make me food. A woman that knows how to cook is my perfect wife lol. I need to go to Japan!!!

      • Haha okay, I am going to add “going to Japan” my number one thing to do before I die. Number 2, grab myself an wife that knows how to cook. Number 3, eat and relax. Lol.

      • Yep. Those are things that are going to bucket list haha. Still, I am not sure if I can accomplish everything before I die but it’s worth a try XD

      • Yep its definitely worth a try. After all they aren’t ridiculously unattainable goals :p Its nice that they are so focused. Though are you really, really sure about the Japanese wife? xD

      • The Japanese wife may be a little too hard to obtain. I got carried away about Japan haha. I may just ask for a wife that knows how to cook with a sweet-loving personality. Any woman that is loving, loyal, loves anime, and food can be my wife lol.

      • Ooh I see. That sounds nice. Simple qualities that you are looking for 😉 And it does sound more of an Asian-type wife … if we generalize of course xD

        Its funny that I am currently asking a few WP bloggers over on Twitter some ‘romance’ related questions on as well. 😀 If you were on Twitter, I would have reblogged this comment of yours (subject to your consent of course.) Hehe :3

      • My family jokes around that I am going to have a Asian wife but to be honest, I just want one that loves me and my religion in Christianity. I may not be the perfect husband but I want to do the best to make by wife happy. Too bad I don’t have Twitter but oh well.

      • Haha its okay (for the lack of Twitter) 🙂 Yeah its funny how we stipulate these sort of ‘list’s of requirements, but how they can be summarized by one single word – ‘love’. I think your way of putting it is great! 🙂

      • Aww thanks you are sweet for saying that. What matters the most is love. I guess I am just a basic guy that wants that. Speaking of Twitter, I hear rumors that they will remove the 140 characters in a post. You can make a long post.

      • You’re welcome, I say what I feel 🙂 There are too many people who aren’t contented with ‘just love’. So its good to know that not everybody thinks that way. 😮 haha then it wouldn’t be Twitter anymore xD Though I would welcome the change because I have a hard time condensing my words into 140 characters anyway.

      • Sad to say this but there are some people who can’t find satisfaction with love. It’s really sad. I hope that eventually people will put love in front instead of selfish desires.
        About Twitter, I don’t use it but I don’t think they should change it. Isn’t it why Twitter is known for? A social media that uses quick posts.

      • Yep, it is. And there’s a lot from where I come from too so sometimes the prevailing climate can get a little … sad. I hope so too, but sometimes offline, I can’t help but have to rev up myself to switch to a less idealistic perspective like that. ><
        Haha yeah exactly. If we wanted longer posts, we could just very well switch back to Facebook, which serves almost essentially the same purpose.

      • Oh really? I am sorry to hear about it. Too bad I can’t help.
        True about Facebook, you can just use that or other media for big posts. I hear that they are also changing something in Facebook where you can do more than just clicking the like button.

      • Nah its okay, that’s why I am on here talking to you guys xD That’s how you can help (:
        Hahaha yep now there’s a range of expressions that you can use other than ‘like’ to show your emotions to the post. Though unless the situation calls for it, I wouldn’t use stuff like ‘sad’ or ‘angry’ unless I really ‘feel’ it. xD Do you use Facebook yourself? (:

      • Well I am glad I can listen and talk to you as well. I am happy to keep you company. I just assumed they were going to add a “dislike” button. I don’t think the “feel” buttons is going to work. No, I don’t use Facebook. I am a odd person who doesn’t use it 😛

      • Haha as am I 😀 I saw some people using the ‘feel’ buttons though, but reasonably and when it really expresses what they feel. Nah its okay, I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook myself. I have deactivated it and re-activated it countless of times xD

      • I think Facebook doesn’t want to add a dislike button because it will discourage people. I think they are trying to help make social media feel realistically with emotions.
        Really? I never realized you had that kind of relationship with Facebook. If Facebook was a person, they will be begging you back XD.

      • Haha yeah, the stuff they have now is definitely better than adding a ‘dislike’ button. Because ‘dislike’ can mean you dislike the way the poster wrote his/her post, or you just dislike the content (like some social injustice or whatever.)
        Hahaha nahhh it won’t. I don’t even treat it as well as I should :p I use it for contacting people and getting useful information (not stalking, but getting info on what’s the rage currently so I have stuff to relate to and talk to people about xD)

      • That is true I can agree with Facebook on their choice of function. At least this way is more gentle as opposed to just giving a person a thumbs down.
        I hear about too with Facebook and friends. It’s useful to chatting with friends and you stay on top of what’s going on in the news. Let’s hope you don’t start stalking or I will be in trouble XD.

      • Plus, I bet nobody would really want to click a thumbs down unless they really dislike the person lol. I mean, that’s if everybody plays nice which happens like 90% of the time xD
        Yeah, that’s basically its best functions. O.O Matt, does that mean you have some stuff that I can possibly dig up? :D:D That kind of really motivates to do it :p

      • Yeah I suppose you are right. It would make things feel negative if somebody disliked a person and not a post. There will be people that will abuse their privilege.
        Haha, you are free to check my site but I don’t think you will find any dirt on me XD.

      • I am one tough cookie to crack. If you really want to know about me, you can check out my awards page in my blog. I wrote some facts about myself if you want to learn more about me :).

      • Would it surprise you if I said I probably did that already? :p Still, thanks for the open invitation to do so, I shall go ahead since you’re very generous about it 🙂

        Sorry about the late reply btw, I was busy for the last couple of days and thankfully I can take a breather for now 🙂

      • Oh it’s okay and I understand. You are always welcome to visit. Just like how you invite us to your site, I invite you to mine. Take your to explore :).

      • Thank you for the invitation. Hopefully I will soon once school settles down. I have 2 weeks left until spring break. I might try to explore once I get the free time :).

      • Yep, only 2 weeks. My last day will be March 25th. Once I get done, I will finally be able to unwind. I will also try to visit people’s blogs while I’m at it. I won’t forget about you 🙂

      • Oh niceee 🙂 You guys are lucky though, I don’t get spring break at all :/ But I am glad if it means all of you are on here more often. 🙂 I also hope I would be able to write something by then. Yay! I am happy to know that. 🙂

      • I am happy to hear that you’re happy and it makes us happy XD. That’s not fair for you to not have spring break. You need a break from school. As of now, school is starting to settle down here.

      • Haha we don’t have spring over here unfortunately, that is why we don’t have similar traditions. On the contrary, its getting close to the end of the semester so I guess that’s still good 🙂

      • That’s the spirit. At you are almost done. Same here at school but since next week is finals, it’s going to be really busy. I am going to give 110% effort! Lol.

      • Tell me about it. I wish I could just do nothing but anime and relax, or manga and relax. Whatever comes first. Either way, I am tired of writing for classes everyday lol.

      • Hahaha is that why you don’t write much when you blog? I notice that your recent posts are mainly news and awards (if I am not wrong? xD) Everybody’s looking forward to relaxing~~~

      • That’s kinda true. I have been wanting to do some reviews on different series and possibly go back and start doing Top 10 or 5 posts. School kept me occupied and I could never find the time. Fortunately, things are starting to end and my schedule is getting easy. Thank God. XD

      • Ooh I hope that comes into fruition soon (after your exams and when spring break comes for you of course) I would love to know your Top 10s/5s 🙂
        Haha yes, all busy things come to an end eventually 🙂 Then we’ll see lots of posts by Matt! Woohoo! ^^

      • Thanks for the encouragement. I will remember that and think of you XD. I also need to go through my site and start deleting some old, dead posts. Otherwise my blog will be clutter with old news nobody looks at. Hopefully I will be doing spring cleaning. Hahaha!

      • Hahaha great 😀 Ohh haha but there’s no need to delete old posts (unless they really take up too much space or something) in my opinion 🙂 What’s there does have its value haha 🙂

      • I suppose your right. The posts are not much taking space but I just want to go through and see if there are posts that didn’t get attention or just old. I am still debating. I like looking back on old work. ^_^

      • Ah I see. I personally don’t feel that way (more of the just ‘get it over and move on’ type) but I understand the need to go through one’s own work 🙂 Its why I hate editing my own posts as well haha.

      • It does take a lot of time. Sometimes when I look at my writing, I get embarrassed because I see how my writing start out messy when I first to blog. It’s like those old essay papers you wrote years ago at school and you see that your writing is not good compared to now lol.

      • Haha yeah, there was once I went through my old posts (especially the ones I wrote when I first started this blog) & just glimpsed at them because I felt it was so horrible to read hahaha. But sometimes, I think what I wrote last time impresses me. Like ‘oh wait how did I come up with that again?’ I don’t think I am supposed to feel that way haha xD

      • That’s pretty cool. I think I have some old posts where I tell myself “this is where I started”. I look back and try to improve myself. If there is one I really like, I keep it. This also includes posts with long chain of comments. XD

      • Hahah yeah I think the longer the chain of comments, the more you wouldn’t want to delete it. Even re-reading those is like going through past memories. I get a wave of nostalgia when I do that myself. xD

      • I get nostalgic too when reading these chain comments. For some reason, it feels good to read them. It reminds me the good times of talking to someone who is willing to talk to me. I don’t care about the chain but as long I can talk to the person, it’s fine by me. This is what makes a conversation interesting. 🙂

      • Haha yes that’s true. I remember some parts of the conversation, but there are some other parts which I forget and then its a surprise when I see I have said something before (or the other person said something before). It may sometimes go up to a too-long conversation, but I like scrolling down & seeing that it never ends xD

      • Yeah. It’s funny one topic of a discussion can lead to another topic. I enjoy scrolling through the comments. I enjoy these chain conversations. XD

      • Haha yeah I also find it pretty amusing how one topic of conversation leads to another. Plus its surprisingly more random than it feels xD Even though sometimes I feel bad for rambling on and on haha. :p

      • It is random but it’s really fun to start chatting haha. Don’t worry about rambling. I like it and enjoy talking to you. Personally, it’s fun. 😀

      • Haha I think what makes our convos stand out the most for me is the pace at which we talk. That, and the fact that we also have a tendency to just go on naturally .. Whereas for other people, convos generally tend to stop at some point. xD

      • True, we just resume on where we left off and act as if we were talking as usually. If it’s topic that we seem to run out to talk about, then it may end right there haha.

      • Haha do you mean now? :0 but I refuse to let it end now! Hahaha. But even if it does, I know it’s easy to strike up a conversation again so it doesn’t bother me as much :p

      • Well if you don’t mind talking more , I will stick by you and continue this conversation. I won’t leave you hanging :). If you want to end it, just say the world. 😉

      • Hahaha I would say that its fine to end it, since we have the other conversations up-and-running currently anyway 🙂 But as you see, I couldn’t not reply to your last message on this thread either so here you go :p

  1. The day an MMO works with VR. Is the day when MMO will see a massive explosion of users. VR isn’t that far off from reaching to what SAO, Log horizon etc accomplished.

  2. We’re finally getting closer and closer to true virtual reality. Sony is also trying to implement games with it so who knows. 10 years from now it may be a regular thing. Playing Super Smash Bros in virtual reality would be my dream come true!

    • Indeed that virtual reality is getting closer. Besides Sword Art Online, imagine other games that will use it. If Super Smash Bros did use this, it will be a hectic game XD. Imagine flying off the stage.

      • Absolutely, it’d be so awesome to feel that. I also wonder if you could sort of make up your own combos on the fly at that point as you would feel like the one actually throwing the punches. I would never put the game down!

      • That would be wild if you can create your own combos. This would make combat more challenging because you need to time your offense and defense. If you can’t put the game down, then you will surely be trapped haha.

      • Time to live out that true SAO experience! Better have quick reactions or it’s all over. I still love the concept of that show’s original arc. Virtual Reality really is the next big step for humanity!

      • I agree. It’s coming and hopefully we don’t end up like the show where we get trapped. Imagine getting trapped in your favorite game for 2 years. SAO would be beautiful but scary to live.

      • Absolutely, it would be a rush though. Unless your favorite game was something more like Mario 3D World or Pokemon. Then it would be more of a calming experience xD

      • I would love to live in Pokemon. I would catch Pokemon, travel, sleep, and battle trainers. Mario would also be fun. I wonder what will feel like when eating those mushrooms :p

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