TGIF News: Friday Funny is doing some changes on pictures and gifs

Hello everyone. I know what were thinking when you saw the TGIF headline, this is not TGIF post like I always do on Fridays. This is some news I wanted to announce regarding to my TGIF posts. To those who may or may not have noticed, episode 1 of Friday Funny has the pictures and memes removed. I am removing the pictures from my blog BUT I moved them to my Google Photos so you can see it anytime. In order to conserve my memory, I am deleting my old TGIF pictures and transferring them to Google Photos. I am NOT ending my TGIF posts. I have been doing a lot of thinking on what to do with my old episodes from 2015. For now, they are in the process of going to Google Photos. I am keeping the GIFs here for this site.

So don’t worry about the memes. They are might be disappearing but they are in a better place. Hopefully it will make things easier for both us.

I forgot to mention this, I also provided links to Google Photos in the past episodes. I am still working on the others. Here are episodes 1, 2, and 3:

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Episode 3:


2 thoughts on “TGIF News: Friday Funny is doing some changes on pictures and gifs

  1. Whenever it comes to images, my personal belief is that you should host all of them yourself via flickr, imgur, google photos, photo bucket or any other image hosting site. The problem getting them off the net is that; it might not be up, it can be taken down any time. And with WordPress poultry space for images (unless you become a paying customer). Why pay when said sites are willing to host up them for free and with a good amount of space.

    • Yeah I was thinking about using a site like you mentioned. I am not sure if I mentioned this but I will be leaving links to my episodes so anyone can view anytime. So far I am using Google Photos. No problem with this one.

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