Captain America: Civil War trailer 2 reaction!

Three simple words for this trailer: Oh My Gosh!

Marvel recently released a teaser yesterday revealing that March 10th, today, they will release a new Captain America: Civil War trailer. The new video is out and was uploaded an hour ago. I will not spoil the trailer but after watching it from beginning to end, my reaction just exploded. And no, Deadpool will not join this film. I will leave this trailer here for you guys to watch:

Here are some GIFs to represent my reactions


Blue Exorcist funny rin shock reaction

One Piece Bartolomeo fanboy

Naruto dancing

Sword Art Online Leafa smiling

Bakuman fangirling

Bleach Kon fangirl dance

As a Marvel fan, I approve to this! Comment below and share this to other fans. Are you team Captain America or Iron Man?


18 thoughts on “Captain America: Civil War trailer 2 reaction!

      • They are good films. We gotta wait and see how Batman v Superman is and then this movie. This Spider-Man suit is really growing on to me. It looks like the classic :D.

      • Yes, this is definitely the suit that I grew up with. I’m also of the strong opinion that Spider Man could completely wreck Iron Man and Captain America in a fight so having him on any team is a game changer. Well, I’m watching both films opening week and I’m definitely going to have a huge review for each one. I’ll probably be nitpicking the Batman v Superman one a little more since I take both of those characters pretty personally, but I’ll also take a hard look at both sides in Cap to see which side I feel should really win morally as well as physically. In terms of powers, I’d say that Iron Man’s team has the massive edge, but if Black Widow really does betray them midway through the fight…that could hurt the team quite a bit.

      • Sweet. If you plan to review the films, I will have to wait until I finish the film and read them. The Spider-Man looks impressive and reminds me of Deadpool’s mask. I hear that Spider-Man is quite important for this war. Black Widow’s role does surprise me. She chose Iron Man.

      • Yes, definitely watch them first. I try to avoid the biggest spoilers, but I’ll admit that a lot of things do ultimately get spoiled a bit since I go so in depth. I agree that Deadpool was probably the inspiration for animating the mask.

        Well, it you look at the very end of the trailer, Black Widow’s on Cap’s side. It could just be because they were fighting, but I’m starting to believe the “Black Widow’s a mole in Iron Man’s Ranks” theory. It makes sense since I don’t really see her sticking with Iron Man’s side. She’s always been partial to Team Cap/Hawkeye

      • I got to avoid spoilers from online too. Just like Star Wars, I got to limit my online searches haha. I suppose you are right, she may just be there temporary. Personally, I see her with Captain and Hawkeye. I did remember hearing way back that they were changing Spider-Man’s suit and mask. Now that he picks Iron Man team, he might don the Iron Spider suit.

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