The Last: Naruto the Movie review *Spoiler-Free*

Rightstuf describes it:

Two years have passed since the fated battle between Naruto and Sasuke in the Village Hidden in the Leaves. A comfortable peace has fallen over the village and the winter festival approaches with a bit more excitement than usual. Seasons of war have transformed Naruto and his friends into elite young warriors, but now they grow into the adults they were meant to be, forming bonds beyond friendship.

Naruto and Hinata approach this next stage with trepidation and find their progress stalled when a mysterious and dangerous man appears with a disturbing message; the end of the world is upon them. Once again Naruto and his friends are sent to investigate and stop the impossible: a falling moon! What is the tragic fate that connects this disaster with Hinata’s Hyuga Clan? And to what lengths will Naruto go to speak the words that will change his life?

*This movie review will not have spoilers but it will be a spoiler unless you have not seen the Naruto story. I will also try not to be biased.

After all these years in Naruto history, just like the title in this film, this is the last epic story for Naruto. Unlike his previous adventures, this one will deal with his relationship with shy Kunoichi that secretly supports him and was the first to like him, The Byakugan Princess Hinata Hyuga.


Much like the description says, the movie takes place after the events of Shinobi War and the final battle with Naruto and Sasuke. Naruto and his friends are in peace and the Akatsuki is no more. The story then focus on Hinata and she decides to confess her feelings to Naruto but not until she meets the film’s antagonist Toneri Otsutsuki. This mysterious tries to take Hinata but fails from Naruto. He takes Hinata’s sister Hanabi and threatens to attack the Earth by sending down the moon. It is up to Naruto, Sakura, Hinata, Sai and Shikamaru to stop him and save Hanabi.

First off, I really enjoyed the story of the film. At first glance, it may seem impossible to stop the moon from falling and if this was Dragon Ball Z, they should just blow it up. I will also admit that this mission to save the world, save a sister, and stop a mysterious person may seem overwhelming but knowing Naruto, he can do almost anything. The movie’s story feels more of romance film compared to past Naruto movies. I will expand on this with the characters later but the film tries to focus on solely on Naruto and Hinata. Besides the conflict going on, the plot tries to reveal the intimacy relationship with Naruto and Hinata. Personally, it’s rather cute seeing Naruto and Hinata together and spending time together. Overall, the “saving the world” plot may seem cliche but adding some romance in a Naruto movie really catches your interest.


All the characters return and their physical appearances are changed. The English voice actors are back in this movie. Naruto still sounds like the kid we all know. One of the significant changes is Naruto. Instead of his appearance from Shippuden, his hair is shorter and wears a black uniform. He also has a bandaged arm from two years ago. Naruto and his friends went through physical appearances but their personality remained the same. Naruto is still the airhead from series and always the one shouting what he thinks. Previously mentioned, the antagonist Toneri is an addition to the film. Personally, I thought Toneri was an interesting villain based on his appearance and his connection to Hinata but I felt he was just a one dimensional villain. Without spoiling the story, Toneri serves as an obstacle to the romance of Naruto and Hinata.

One of the things I had an issue was the character’s screen time. I noticed that this movie was focused on solely on Naruto, Hinata or both. Besides these two, the only characters that receive attention are the ones doing the mission which are Sakura, Sai and Shikamaru (the cover on the DVD). Sasuke also shows up but only for a minute or two. We don’t see much of Naruto’s friends in this film.


I will say that this film was excellent on art. The art is much more developed than the anime. The shading and brightness is top-notched. Music was another great thing to the film. It still had the Naruto traditional music; it can either be a soothing moment or intense battle music. The ending credits song are my favorite part of the music. The credits song “Hoshi no Utsuwa” by Sukima Switch. The music just makes me feel happy when I think about the great years with Naruto.


Overall, if you are Naruto fan like myself and you support the NaruHina romance, this movie is for you. Personally, I felt that this was great way to end Naruto’s story. It reveals the many things we did not about Naruto and Hinata and we see the maturity in the characters. If you thought that this movie was going to focus on a whole cast of characters, you will be mistaken. I felt that Kishimoto-sensei did an excellent job on the story and character designs. It was an interesting take on making a love story in Naruto. It still surprises me to see Naruto go through many changes in growth. In a funny way, it was awesome seeing Naruto from a kid to an young adult. I thank Kishimoto-sensei for the best 15 years if Naruto.

What did you think of the movie? Enjoyed it or you thought it was meh? Comment below on the feedback.

If you plan to buy this movie, I recommend buying the DVD/Blu-Ray combo set. The set includes an excluive special manga chapter that takes place after the film.


6 thoughts on “The Last: Naruto the Movie review *Spoiler-Free*

  1. I definitely liked this film a lot! I’m not crazy about the romance and thought that it was a little out of character for Naruto, but aside from that the animation was spectacular and the fight scenes were great. It was a blast watching this one!

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