Friday Funny 47: Tenohira ga Kataruko!

Tenohira ga Kataruko = “what our palms speak to us”

TGIF! Thank God it’s Friday! Hello everybody and welcome back for another exciting episode of TGIF: Friday Funny. Today is March 11th and it has been 5 years since Japan got struck by an earthquake with a magnitude of 9.0. I am not sure how is Japan now but I want to let them know that I hope everyone is okay and may God bless everyone. Blocked by YouTube, the Japanese idol band AK48 released a special song called “Tenohira ga Kataruko” in which shows the support for Japanese victims. If you wish to download the song, click in the link below:

Besides that, remember to set your time on Saturday night because on Sunday it’s Daylight Savings, March 13. So spring forward to one more hour!  Now let’s not waste anymore time and let’s begin happy hour! Pun intended :).

As a way to show this post I wanted to share this video with everyone. This is from 2013 Anime Festival Asia (AFA) and it was created by Microsoft Singapore. It’s a amazing video ^_^

Sayanara 🙂


11 thoughts on “Friday Funny 47: Tenohira ga Kataruko!

  1. “letters are written, never meaning to send”

    … so I won’t.

    Although I support the poor victims of the earthquake and subsequent disasters, and have donated previously …

    I would like to give the suits at AKS marketing/legal departments a magnitude 9 point NINE NINE kick in the ass. Richter being a logarithmic scale.

  2. Haha so the selfie stick was invented long before, so funny it was deemed “useless” back then =D. Lots of music artists performed with proceeds going to the victims of the tsunami and likewise it’s wonderful what AKB48 did there. Our blog community held am auction with our donated J-pop items back then with all of the proceeds being for the disaster victims:

    I ended up donating five J-pop collectibles of mine and it was heart~warming♡ how our community of bloggers came together.

    Always fun reading your Friday funnies! ^^

    • I was suprised as you were when I heard that the selfie stick was labeled “useless”. I thank Japan for the amazing the stuff. Congratulations on donating :). My heart goes out to the victims.
      Also thank you for visiting my Friday Funnies. There will be more next Firday ^^.

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