The Blogger’s Story Award

I want to thank sidneyblue10 for nominating me for The Blogger’s Story Award. I appreciate it very much :). I don’t have an award picture for this but here is a gif from the anime Dimension W.

Dimension W Kyuoma dance


  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Showcase the award picture
  • Answer the questions
  • Nominate 3+ bloggers and include a link to their blog


  1. A) What is your blog’s name? B) Why did you name it that?
  2. How long have you been blogging?
  3. How many followers do you have?
  4. Who was your first follower?
  5. What got you into blogging?
  6. What is your favorite part about blogging?
  7. If you could improve anything at all about WordPress/blogging, what would it be?
  8. Why do you continue to blog?


  1. A) My blogging name is Matthew. B) I didn’t have a creative username and I wanted to use my actual name as way to make it feel like I am talking to someone in person.
  2. I started blogging in April 2014 but I stopped until June. I later came back to blog on December 2014.
  3. I have 160 followers.
  4. My first follower was jk10gab10, she was a classmate in my group in college and we temporary chatted. My first follower in anime was Arria Cross from Fujinsei.
  5. I first got into blogging because it was part of my grade in school lol. When I decided to blog again, I wanted to express my opinions on anime, manga, video games and movies. Later, I decided to add posting the news as another reason to blog.
  6. My favorite part is meeting new people and talking to them. I enjoy talking to bloggers. I love them.
  7. If I could improve myself? I would like to do more reviews. I have seen some anime but I review them  occasionally. The same also goes to video games.
  8. I continue to blog to because I love to talk about my hobbies and share my ideas. I enjoy meeting new people and forming bonds. It’s a pleasure to speak to my friends that care about me. If you visit my blog, I will do the same as well. 🙂

This is not part of the award but I wanted to share this. I enjoy blogging to my friend and I hope to continue this until the end. If anything does happen to me or this is my last post, I want to say I enjoy having your company and I love all of you guys. I don’t regret meeting you guys. You have no idea how much it makes me happy to see you guys visit my site. I wish there were more of me so I can talk to each one of you.


  1. Rocco B.
  2. crimson613
  3. Anime_Girls_NYC
  4. dreager1
  5. Anybody that wants to tell their Blogger Story Award!

Anime Films news: Sword Art Online film title and news and Accel World news!

Sword Art Online

Announced at the Dengeki Bunko Haru no Saiten 2016 event, Aniplex of America announced the recent news to the upcoming Sword Art Online film and released a trailer. The movie will be in theaters 2017. The film is titled as “Sword Art Online – Ordinal Scale”, and the visual was made by light novel illustrator abec.

Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale

Here is what is new for this film courtesy to Crunchyroll. The film will use AR (Augmented Reality) Type Information Terminal “Augma” and Ordinal Scale.

AR (Augmented Reality) Type Information Terminal “Augma”
A next-generation, wearable multi-device that looks like a pair of small headphones. In terms of size and portability, it is far superior to the existing VR machine “Amusphere.” Augma doesn’t have a full-dive function, however, its AR function is greatly enhanced to compensate for it. It can transmit visual, audio and tactual sensation data to players while they are awake, thus enabling the users to enjoy fitness and health management like a game.

“Ordinal Scale,” an ARMMO-RPG that was designed exclusively for “Augma.”
Following its release, it has become the most discussed game due to its advanced technology. In this game, players can raise their rank by collecting items that appear in various places in the real world and by defeating monsters. This “Ranking System” is the main feature of the game, and in this system, each player’s status is determined by their rank which is indicated by an ordinal number instead of a cardinal number. As the result, high ranking players are given overwhelming power and often rank has become a major factor in deciding the outcome of a PvP battle.

Sword Art Online outfit film

Accel World

Also announced at the event and made by Reki Kawahara, it is also announced that the voice actresses Yumi Hara and Yuuki Nanri will return to lend their voice for the anime. They previously helped in the game “Accel World – Kasoku no Chiten- for PS3 and PSP. Also KOTOKO x ALTIMA will perform the theme song “Plasma Fire” for the song. Last be not least, the film will be played in 24 theaters in Japan on July 23. More theaters will be added later.

Accel World film 640