SJ News: Hunter x Hunter returns and other one-shots!

Out of all the news, I believe that this is the important part of the news. It’s been reported that Yoshihiro Togashi (mangaka of YuYu Hakusho and Hunter x Hunter) will be off from hiatus and continuing the manga series Hunter x Hunter. Currently in the manga, the story is in the Dark Continent Arc. The last time it was in Shonen Jump was August 2014. It’s unknown when the series will return but Togashi-sensei is getting off from hiatus. He was in hiatus because of lower back issues. Let’s hope Togashi-sensei finish the series. For now, you can watch Hunter x Hunter on Neon Alley.

Also mentioned, as way to promote the upcoming movie Yu-Gi-Oh! movie “Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Dark Side of Dimensions”, mangaka creator Kazuki Takashi will make a one-shot manga of Yu-Gi-Oh! that will connect to the film. The one-shot will be 2 chapters. The first chapter will on April 11 and the other is April 18.

On April 25th, the Shonen Jump magazine will release the Naruto Gaiden one-shot. It will also connect to the Boruto spinoff manga which will be on May 9th.

46 thoughts on “SJ News: Hunter x Hunter returns and other one-shots!

    • I still haven’t got into the series but I hear that it’s really good. I am glad to hear that he is back to writing and his health is back to normal. Hopefully, he will be able to finish the story without facing any problems.

      • well I liked HXH a lot until the chimera ant arc. most people like that arc, but I didn’t like it. But I bet the other arcs would be great. I stopped watching at that arc so I just need to get past that one first.

      • of course everyone’s taste is different. =)
        Dunno, the chimera ants didn’t appeal to me. It’s also probably why I still haven’t watched or read attack on titan either. Haven’t seen Tokyo Ghoul and Parasite. I probably just don’t like the concept of being eaten.

      • That’s pretty gross, getting eaten that is. I haven’t read Attack on Titan but seen the anime. I am currently watching Parasyte and it’s pretty cool. However, it can be creepy. I also read the first volume of Tokyo Ghoul, it’s both creepy and interesting. Those are my thoughts.
        I take it that the Chimera Ant arc is about eating people or species haha.

      • It’s not a spoilers so yes, the chimera ants eat people. I do plan on watching or reading Attack on Titan and Tokyo Ghoul in the future but not now. =P
        The things they show aren’t that gory, but it’s just the thought of it when it gets too much.

      • Gross! I also plan to read both. They look like good series. I can understand what you mean. Funny thing that the people can tolerate the gore. Probably because they stay for the story hahaha.

      • That’s true. It’s anime like that gets good reviews or attracts the audience. You don’t see much gore in other anime like Naruto or Bleach.

  1. I never got into Hunter x Hunter…the series seems to go on hiatus constantly. So I just didn’t bother despite all the rave reviews. Looking forward to the Yu-Gi-Oh! chapters though.

    • I haven’t gotten into like the fans because of the hiatus. Still, the story looks promising. I might wait a bit to start collecting.
      I am looking for the yugioh chapters too. It has been a while.

  2. I just read about this from another news site, and I’m so excited! Ah, thank you very much Togashi-sensei for continuing the story. I would be happy if he could end it with the current Dark Continent Arc, as long as he provides as with an awesome ending. If he can’t draw HxH regularly anymore, I think ending it with this arc will be more satisfying than letting HxH grow stagnant because of lack of continuation.

    • It’s awesome to hear that he’s back doing the series. I heard rumors that the Dark Continent will be the last arc. If it’s true, I hope he finishes the story with a bang. I just don’t want to hear another hiatus news.

      • Well, if he continues to take super long hiatus, then he has no choice but to end it with the Dark Continent arc. It’ll satisfy most of his fans, although I still wish that it’ll go beyond that arc. It’s a really good series, like awesomely great.

      • I hear that Hunter x Hunter is great Shonen series. I like his other series YuYu Hakusho, even though I remember a little bit of it. I wanted to get into this series too but I am always afraid that the series would never finish because of his hiatus. Let’s see how far will he go.

      • Yu yu Hakusho will always have a special place in my heart. I grew up with it and I assume that you did, too. It’s one of the series that I always watched with my dad. I think there are similarities when it comes to the skills and character types in Yu Yu Hakusho & HxH. You haven’t watched HxH yet?

      • I used to watch YuYu Hakusho along with Dragonball Z as a kid. Remember Yusuke getting killed in the first episode and I remember him and his friends fighting some demons to save Kayko. I even own the GBA game. I haven’t watched HxH yet. It’s promising but I haven’t decided to sit down watch it yet.

      • Same here. Those were the staples of our childhood. Incidentally, those 2 are my dad’s favourite anime so if I want to talk anime with him, it’d be smart to start the conversation with these two. XD
        Oh well. You’ll end up watching HxH one of these days. Hope it’s soon, but of course only if you have the time and in the mood to watch it.

      • Wow your dad is awesome.That’s pretty cool that you and your dad can have discussions like that. I am hoping to see HxH eventually. Since the anime is long, I need to prepare myself so I can enjoy the voyage haha.

      • I know, right? Sometimes I’ll be able to force him to watch anime with me, especially when I hog the family TV at the living room and watch anime there. My siblings don’t care much about it, although my younger sister shows interest a bit. Recently, I forced my dad to watch Gundam 00 and Hajime no Ippo. He really liked Hajime no Ippo because we like boxing. He was really into it and kept on asking me about the characters. It was so adorable.

        Yes. The anime is long and it has the original 1999 adaptation and the 2011 one. I recommend watching the 2011 because it’s more loyal to the manga, but it’s still worth it to watch the original one. Anyway, hope you watch it soon.

      • Wow you have an awesome dad. I hear that Gundam is really good but there is so many. I do remember they used to show it on the classic Toonami but I ended up watching the chibi version SD Gundam. I think you mentioned that Hajime no Ippo was good series. If my brother ever comes back to anime, I would recommend this. He likes Rocky movies and he like to play Football video games.
        I also heard about the 1999 version of HxH. I was wondering why nobody talked about but I guess it’s like other anime where the series takes a different turn from the main story. I will have to add HxH on my list to watch anime. I might check it out in the summer :).

      • Yes. That’s why I always have a good experience watching anime while growing up because I used to watch it with my dad.

        Indeed. There are a lot of Gundam series. The first one that I really watched was Gundam 00, and I loved it. Right now I’m watching Gundam Wing from 1996, I think. I’m thinking of watching Gundam Seed after. Do you remember which Gundam series was shown when you were a kid?

        Well, I think your brother would like anime in the sports genre. It’s my comfort genre, the series I watch whenever I needed to unwind and relax, in addition to ONE PIECE.

        Well, I guess nobody is talking about the 1999 version because it’s old. It was pretty well-made, though, with the classic animation during that time.

      • That’s pretty cool. Gundam is one of those anime series greater as Dragonball Z the way I see it. I rememer the Super Defender Gundam Force (SD Gundam). I don’t remember the other nut I think it was Mobile Suit Gundam. I think my brother would like if he is willing to open up to it, if he goes half way into it.
        It looks old based on the images I seen. It almost resembles YuYu Hakusho. Either way, I agree that the animation looks great.

      • Ahaha. Deciding which is the greatest anime is very subjective, in my opinion. Others don’t care much about Gundam, like I was before really getting into the franchise. But hardcore Gundam fans would swear their bodies and souls that it’s the greatest anime franchise out there. Oh well.

        If it was made around the same time that Yu Yu Hakusho aired, then it only makes sense that the animation are similar. Gundam Wing’s character designs are the classic old-style, but I still find it really good even until now. As for Yu Yu Hakusho, it’s okay, I guess. It was kind of similar to HxH’s style, but the 2011 version of the anime updated the designs so it looks different from the original one.

      • I hear many people have different opinions towards the Gundam series. There are so many out there and fans have their favorites. I don’t know where to begin to be quite honest. I hear that anime and the anime Voltron are classic mecha series.
        The 2011 version does look impressive. It looks really updated. I wonder if YuYu Hakusho would be twice as better if it got an update like HxH.

      • Same here. I started with Gundam 00 just because I always hear about it from translating the radio show by seiyuu Kamiya Hiroshi. He voices one of the main characters there, so he advertised it quite a lot. I think it’s a good way to start, although other Gundam fans would disagree with me. It’s also one of the more recent Gundam series, so the animation is awesome. But of course, it’s up to you whether you want to jump into the Gundam bandwagon. Not everyone likes it, but how will you know if you don’t try, right? 😉

        Indeed. HxH 2011 looks updated. I think that’s a great idea. They did it with Dragon Ball and HxH, I hope that Yu Yu Hakusho gets a reboot, too. I think my dad would be happy.

      • That’s cool, I didn’t know about Kamiya Hiroshi. Gundam 00 sounds interesting. I got to do some research and find a Gundam series to start off haha. Thanks for the recommendation.
        I feel like YuYu Hakusho deserves some attention too. It’s a good classic anime and I think they should update the animation. Imagine if it looked like HxH lol.

      • Oh my gosh. The characters will be hotter. Ahaha. I don’t know. Maybe sometime in the future, we’ll get a reboot. I’m also thinking of a reboot for Flame of Recca. Do you know this anime? I loved it, watched it with Yu Yu Hakusho. It would be awesome if they had another anime adaptation for these two.

      • I heard of Flame of Recca. I was thinking about checking it out but someone told to me it’s worth it. Is it worth it? It would be cool to see a YuYu Hakusho “2016” anime. The animation will be awesome and maybe have an awesome soundtrack. What if YuYu Hakusho and HxH got a crossover?😲

      • Flame of Recca is one of the staples of my childhood alongside Dragon Ball, Yu Yu Hakusho and the other series during this time. I agree that it’s worth checking out, although since it’s an old series like Yu Yu Hakusho, it might turn you off. . .or maybe not. Not sure. But I personally loved it, and I have good memories of it.

        Oooooooooh. A cross-over, huh? Not sure how it’ll work out, but that’s an interesting idea.

      • I will check it out. I read the first chapter of The Flame of Recca and I like the concept. The protagonist that likes to be a ninja and has fire powers is cool in my opinion. It looks like a fun series to jump in.
        I just that these two will go great because they were made by the same creator. But then again, YuYu Hakusho may work with Dragonball because of the Spirit World or the Other World.

      • Great to hear. I think it’s better to just watch the anime than try to read the manga of Flame of Recca. But of course, it’s up to you.

        Hmmmm. Yu Yu Hakusho and Dragon Ball, huh? I don’t think I’m liking that kind of cross-over, but perhaps it’ll work out well if it happens.

      • It looks a good series to jump in. It’s going to be tough to choose what to start with lol.
        I guess a crossover with these two series may be kinda extreme since Dragonball may be to strong for a series to be crossover. Oh well XD.

      • Well, it’s up to you whether you watch it or not. I recommend it to those who don’t mind watching old series. There are many anime watchers, especially the more recent ones, who prefer newer anime than the old ones.

      • I like some new and old ones. I hear that the old anime have a good story and animations. I feel like I need to check some older anime.

      • Right now I guess I am watching new or updated anime like Parasyte and Dimension W. I haven’t seen classics yet. I might go with Flame of Recca if I want to start watching the classics.

      • There are 24 episodes in total and I am finished with episode 22. So far the series is good. It has action and some horror elements. It can be slow at some point. Overall, it’s pretty neat anime.

      • Thanks. I’m in a manga-reading mood this couple of days, so it may be a while before I’ll be able to watch this series. Anyway, just 2 more episodes and you’re done!

      • I need to go back reading some manga or light novels. To be honest, I have bought anime DVDs but I have yet watch them. I need to go back reading and finishing some series.Tomorrow is Saturday and it will be another episode of Parasyte. I can’t wait for it!

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