Friday Funny 48: Happy (belated) Saint Patrick’s Day

TGIF! Thank God it’s Friday! Hello everyone! Today is another episode of TGIF: Friday Funny. Even though today is March 18, I want to say Happy Saint Patrick’s Day. I will be honest, I didn’t find any a lot of good St. Patrick’s Day pics; this is all I have :/.

Next Saturday is my mother’s birthday and anniversary! I love my mom <3!

I was originally going to titled this post “Marvel v DC – Dawn of Civil War”. Reason being is because of updated news for both of them. To those who watched the trailer of Civil War, it’s been revealed that Spider-Man has appeared and ready to join the war with his new costume. As for DC, it is hinted on the international trailer that there is a Darkseid Omega symbol on the sand in the movie. It is possible that the DC villain Darkseid will become a threat in the future films and possibly a Justice League. You can learn more about the villain in this highlighted word from WatchMojo. Long story short of this hint, just like Thanos will be a greater threat on the Avengers in Marvel, Darkseid will also be a threat for the Justice League.

Also the manga series Hunter x Hunter will return!

With all this said, let’s begin!

As a way to prep for the upcoming Batman v Superman film, here are some intros and clips to the animated series of DC heroes cartoons. These were one of the best cartoons in the 90s! Also as a spoiler alert: Batman is Bruce Wayne and Superman is Clark Kent 0_o!


So long and have a nice day! Who side are you on? Superman or Batman? Who is your favorite DC hero?

24 thoughts on “Friday Funny 48: Happy (belated) Saint Patrick’s Day

    • You’re welcome and I will do more for next time. I pick One Piece more than Hunter x Hunter lol. I will remind everyone that her birthday is on 3/26 at the next TGIF post. It’s also my parents’ anniversary too on that day.^^

      • Oh wow. Happy anniversary to your parents! Of course we pick ONE PIECE. It’s awesome! Ahahaha. I think HxH will reach the level of ONE PIECE if it didn’t go into those countless hiatus. Oh well. It’s still a really great series, though.

      • Thanks. Stay tune for next Friday, I will do my best to make the next one better lol. I agree, if it wasn’t for the hiatus issues, I bet HxH would probably be equal to One Piece on popularity. I really need to get into the series. The series sounds really interesting.

      • The anime does look action packed. I played the J-Stars Victory Vs + game and I thought that playing as Gon was fun. He has impressive moves.

      • I don’t play games, so I can’t really relate. -____-
        Well, Gon’s actually not my favourite character in the series. He’s just too innocent, if you know what I mean? I like the characters that have a darker sides in their personalities. You’ll know what I mean when you do get the chance to watch it.

      • Really? Based on his appearance, he looks like an innocent kid. The one that looks mysterious is the silver-haired kid Killua and Kurapika. I read a one-shot long time ago about him and I am curious about his powers.

      • Yes, he not only looks like an innocent kid but he’s really innocent. Hisoka (the clown) is my favourite character. Second would be Kurapika and third would be Killua. All of them have quite dark sides in their characters so I really like them because they’re more dynamic than the main protagonist Gon, you know? As for Gon, well, I’m not very impressed with his powers, to be honest. You’ll know what I’m talking about when you get to watch the series.

      • Hisoka (the clown guy) looks kinda untrustworthy. He sorta reminds me of the Joker from Batman. I also heard about that the story can be dark and action-packed. I guess the creator was trying to make Gon like Luffy or Goku. A happy, cheery protagonist.

      • Ahahaha! Yes, Hisoka is super untrustworthy but he’s very charismatic for me. Especially in the 2011 version. His seiyuu, Namikawa Daisuke, did an awesome job in portraying his character.
        Hmmmm. I guess so, although think of Gon as the really innocent kid . I think that Luffy is more dynamic. As for Goku, well, he’s Goku. Ahaha. Can’t explain it well.

      • Really? That is cool. I got to check out Namikawa Daisuke to see for myself. Hisoka does look charismatic. I bet he is also dangerous too.
        I see Luffy as a fun person until he gets mad. He is scary when he is mad. Goku is a pretty tough guy and he is also cheery. I guess Gon tries to be the optimistic kid when he is on adventuring. I pick Luffy if I ever went on adventure haha.

      • You should! He’s one of my favourite seiyuu and also one of the most versatile in the industry. He does some really varied voices that I get quite surprised to discover that it was him voicing a character because he sounded so different from the other characters he voiced from other series. That’s how talented he is! Ahahaha. I’m babbling about him. Sorry about that.

        Me, too! I would pick Luffy to go on an adventure everytime. And of course, with the rest of the Straw Hats as well.

      • That’s okay. You can continue to babble if you want. That’s just your way of appreciating him. I heard his voice from the game J-Stars and I thought it was good. It sounds like it really does match for him. I still don’t trust Hisoka. I feel like you can’t trust clown type characters.
        Luffy loves adventure. That’s the best part of being a pirate. Being free to do whatever you want.^_^

      • Ahahaha. Thanks very much. Oh well. Hisoka is untustworthy, but he’s sure charismatic. When you watch HxH, you’ll find that the other characters don’t trust him, as well. They’re impressed by his power, but they’re also afraid of him.

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