Friday Funny 49: Birthday v Easter – Happy Birthday

TGIF! Thank God it’s Friday! Today is Friday and this is the biggest TGIF post I have ever worked on. What makes this post special is because of many things I want to share.

Today is the last day of my finals and after today, I will be having spring break! Today is also the movie release of DC “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”. This is the second superhero movie in 2016. Who do you choose to win?

On March 26, it’s my mother’s birthday and my parent’s anniversary. Happy Birthday Mom, I love you so much that I dedicate this post to you 🙂 <3<3<3<3

On March 27, it is Easter or some people call it Resurrection Day! This is an important holiday as we Christians remember that the Lord Jesus Christ rose from the dead and left the tomb. He conquered death and made it easy for us to go Heaven. Jesus is surely amazing that not even death can stop Him. He left the tombs on Sunday morning, in sunrise.

Last but not least, March 28th. On March 28th, it will be my Birthday. Stay tuned for March 28th for a special Birthday post.

With all this said, let’s begin on this awesome day!

Here are some songs my mom likes. This is for her.

Have a nice day and enjoy this Friday!

Even though that tomorrow is my Mom’s birthday. I decided to say it now for this occasion. Happy Birthday Mom and Happy Anniversary to my parents!


41 thoughts on “Friday Funny 49: Birthday v Easter – Happy Birthday

  1. Haha I literally highlight so much. I really liked the superman underwear one.

    Dawn of Justice looks pretty cool and my friends are all going on about Civil War right now but being a person who barely watches movies, I haven’t seen any marvel movies (if I had I don’t remember). I wonder if you have recommendations to what I need to watch to be able to enjoy Civil War and Dawn of Justice?

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