Thank You! A special message to all

Yesterday was birthday and I got so many messages from you guys that my phone kept giving me notification messages! Just keeping short and simple, I just want to say thank you everyone!

I am grateful for receiving these messages and I am thankful for you guys for visiting and leaving a comment. You guys are the best and I love all you guys. If I had more cake, I would share it with all of you. My parents got me an awesome Batman v. Superman cake.


I also got amazing gifts. I got the complete set of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.


Once again, I appreciate all the kindness you gave me and I wish I could return the favor to everyone. I love you guys. Peace be with you :).

34 thoughts on “Thank You! A special message to all

  1. Belated happy birthday, Matt!! 🎉🎈 Sorry for the late greetings. I knew your birthday is this month but did i ever ask the actual date? Whatever, i forgot, orz. Anyway, I think you had a very nice birthday. You had a nice cake and an awesome gift, i’m jealous! Haha. God bless. 😀

  2. Sounds like an awesome birthday and that is an incredible cake! Definitely a neat recreation of the big scene from the film and it’s neat that you got to keep the Batmobile. Time for an FMA marathon!

  3. I missed your blog anniversary AND your birthday!? Well, Matt, I will never live this down. Here is the “After-birthday-hope-your-wish-has/will-come-true-soon call that everyone always wants!” I hope you had an awesome day, and while I would’ve brought some cake, you already have a snazzy one on the table, haha! And FMAB, my copies are sitting on my shelf, still unopened, but I know it’s a ‘masterpiece’ of anime. Have a fantastic day ^____^

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